Akshay Kumar has been through a journey of ups and downs in his career as an actor. The early riser has always ensured he is on the sets on time and says this is what allows his to carry out multiple projects in a year.

He says that his choice of work arises from what he feels that his son Aarav will enjoy “I want to do films that my son can enjoy. If he doesn’t like my film, he comes to me and tells me that he didn’t understand the film at all.” Akshay does not prioritise films with the amount of money they can make but instead focuses on the entertainment and enjoyment aspect.

In a time when stars are sticking to one or two films in a year rule, Akshay is still doing more than that and for him managing multiple projects is a child’s play.

akshay-kumar-2“People accuse me of doing four films in a year, but it’s not impossible,” said the actor who already had two releases this year – “Holiday -A Soldier Is Never Off Duty” and “It’s Entertainment”.

“Actors should reach sets on time. If actors would come on time, then the crew would also come on time. It’s not impossible to shoot four films in a year if you reach sets on time,” said Akshay.

Askshay is a star, but his journey has been dotted with ups and downs. He says that those film-makers who refused to work him when he was going through the flop phase, now makes a beeline outside his house. But now the tables have turned and Akshay wants to work on his terms and condition.

“It’s not their mistake that they didn’t cast me when I was a flop artist, and I feel you should take it positively and work hard. Not once or twice thrice the film-makers have come back to me. Now when they come back, I quote my price,” said the 47-year-old.