In what has been the most talked about and one of the most crucial verdicts for the Bollywood film industry Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has been found guilty of killing one person and injuring four others in a hit and run case that happened more than twelve years ago.

On September 28, 2002, Salman’s Toyota Land Cruiser rammed into a roadside bakery in Bandra West, close to his seafront home in Galaxy Apartments, leaving four people sleeping outside injured. One of them died later.

The 49-year-old actor is facing eight charges under the Indian Penal Code, the Motor Vehicles Act and the Bombay Prohibition Act. Here’s a list of charges that the actor faced.

Under the IPC, the actor had been charged with

1) Section 304 part (ii) – Culpable homicide and not amounting to murder, which can extend to a prison spell for up to 10 years.

2) Section 279 – rash and negligent driving, which dictates six months in jail

3) Sections 337 & 338 – causing hurt by act endangering life and causing grievous hurt which leads to a punishment of up to two years.

4) Section 427 – mischief causing damage to property which also has a punishment extendable up to two years.

Under the Motor Vehicle Act, the actor is charged with

1) Section 34 (a), (b) read with 181 – driving vehicle in contravention of rules

2)  Section 185 – under the influence of alcohol or a drug to such an extent as to be incapable of exercising proper control over the vehicle.

Salman Khan was also charged under sections of the Bombay Prohibition Act relating to driving under the influence of alcohol which attracts six months in jail.

Khan will be taken into custody immediately and it is believed will serve a five year jail sentence.

Twitter response

The much awaited verdict has received mixed reactions from Twitter users. Whilst some have shown support, where as others are content with the verdict.

Just read this – Hit&Run cases: Alistair kills 7 ppl gets 3 yrs, Nanda kills 6 ppl gets 2 yrs. Salman-1 dead & gets 5 yrs

HershDo: I can’t believe people are crying and praying for a person who has murdered. #SalmanVerdict

CANeha: Better live one day with a conscience that is proud of you than a hundred years with a guilt that prides itself on ur shame #SalmanVerdict

:The judiciary has done his job now its the responsibility of Police to make sure he doesn’t get any VIP treatment.

BATMAYN: Money surely cant bring those poor lives back but sending him to jail would bring their lives back #SalmanVerdict

NutsBoutPreetika: Dis case wd NOT go unnoticed hd it nt been a celebrity involved! N wat abt d bloody rapists in d country,no punishment 4 em! #SalmanVerdict!

Snehal Gandhi: Whatever it is i can never hate salman khan . But galti ki hai to Saja to bhugatani padegi . #SalmanVerdict

Gajanan Damkondwar: Sooner or later karma will surely get you!! #SalmanVerdict

Arjun Assiduous: all sort of melodrama going on at Salman s home.. Would be nice if somebody care to look at the victims family #SalmanVerdict

Azim Sarfaraz: It would have been not that big of a fuss if Salman was not on the stand. #SalmanVerdict