Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency have released the latest figures of pass rates among drivers in Bradford.

The figures show that in six months from April 2018 the pass rate across the two test centre’s in the city was 41.7 per cent.

This compares to the national figure of 45.8 per cent.

The two centre’s, Heaton and Thornbury, differed in the amount of tests taking place, with 1,857 in heaton test centre and 1,027 at the Thornbury centre. The pass rate was higher for those taking it in Heaton at 42.4 per cent, compared to 40.6 per cent.

The overall pass rate has remained relatively static over the last three years, coming in at 41.6 per cent in 2017/18 and 41.5 per cent in 2016/17.

However there has been a varying success rate for drivers across the different test centres.

A temporary centre in Manningham, which ran test in 2017 until October, had the lowest overall pass rate at 36.9 per cent. Heaton came in second in the district at 41.9 per cent and Thornbury came highest with 43.3 per cent.

The previous year in 2016/17 Thornbury was also the most successful centre in the district for drivers to take their test, at 43.7 per cent. Manningham was 40.8 per cent and Heaton was the lowest at 39.9 per cent.

The figures also show that so far in 2018/19 both of Bradford’s test centre’s are in the top 100 nationally when it comes to the lowest pass rates. Thornbury is placed 48th and Heaton is 74th.

In comparison to Leeds, which has the fourth lowest pass rate nationally at 33.0 per cent, Halifax which is the 20th lowest with 37.0 per cent, Heckmondwike which as placed 33rd with a pass rate of 38.0 per cent.

Bradford driving instructor Ayub Khan of iDrive said one of the issues particular to Bradford is the number of learner drivers relying on family members to teach them, rather than a qualified driving instructor.

“I specialise in teaching people to drive who have already failed their test once. What I see is that they are often taught by family members, perhaps due to to finances.

“They’ve picked up bad habits and simply aren’t in a position to pass their test. Being able to drive and being able to pass a driving test are two very things.”

He added that he currently had one learner driver who had come to him after failing the test 18 times.

DVSA chief driving examiner, Mark Winn said: “DVSA’s priority is to help you through a lifetime of safe driving. All candidates are assessed to the same level and the result of their test is entirely dependent on their performance on the day.”

“It’s essential that all drivers demonstrate they have the right skills, knowledge and attitude to drive safely.

“The drivers testing and training regime tests candidates’ ability to drive safely and responsibly as well as making sure they know the theory behind safe driving.”