Twenty-five town and city centre managers from all over Yorkshire, The Humber and the North East will be seeing what Bradford has to offer next week.
The Association of Town and City Management (ATCM) is holding its quarterly meeting at Bradford City Hall this Friday, January 16.
But before they get down to business they will be donning hard hats and boots to take a tour of the Westfield site, the Sunbridge Wells tunnels, the City Park mirror pool plant room and having a look at all the public realm working going on in the city centre.
The managers will be welcomed to City Hall by Coun Susan Hinchcliffe, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Employment, Skills and Culture.
Coun Hinchcliffe, said: “Businesses and the Council alike are working hard to regenerate the city centre so it’s always good when other towns and cities ask to come and learn from what we are achieving.
“We’ll give them a good Bradford welcome and I hope they thoroughly enjoy their tour of the city.”
Bernadette Rushton, the chair of the Association of Town and City Management, said: “Our Association’s regional networks provide a vital chance for practitioners to learn from each other and to share best practice and ideas.
“The North East, Yorkshire and the Humber region, is one of the largest and strongest networks. With major regeneration of the city centre ongoing, we are delighted to visit Bradford to see at first hand the progress with the high profile Westfield centre and find out more about what it will mean to the city.
“The agenda looks to provide one of our most exciting and we look forward to being welcomed by colleagues at Bradford Council.”
Following lunch at Forsters Bistro they will have a talk from Hilary Thompson of the Yorkshire and Humber Dementia Action Alliance, updates from the ATCM and round table discussions.