A Man appears to have collided with the Prime Minister todayas he left the city’s Civic Hall.

Mr Cameron did not fall over and was driven away from the scene, apparently uninjured.

cameron collision

The police arrested the 28-year-old citizen but he was later released. In a statement Chief Inspector Derek Hughes said ‘‘Around midday today, a 28-year-old local man was briefly arrested after he came close to the Prime Minister’s group, who had just left the Civic Hall in Leeds.

‘‘No threats were made, and after the man’s details were checked, he was de-arrested and allowed on his way.’’

West Yorkshire Police later tweeted that no threat had been made, adding: “Nothing sinister, just a man in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

The prime minister was in Leeds to launch government plans to upgrade rail links in the north of England. A member of Mr Cameron’s security team intervened and bundled the man away as the prime minister got into a waiting vehicle.

The police said they believed the man was sprinting to a nearby gym. All seems well and it looks like this was simply a false alarm.