Ex Eastenders star campaigning for safer driving in Bradford
By Zara Hassan

Ameet Chana teams up with Motor Insurers’ Bureau as they kick start their summer campaign – Drive Insured

Ameet photo for press release 2 compressedStar of Eastenders and Bend it like Beckham, Ameet, will be at the Kirkgate shopping centre on the 27 and 28 of July.   Ameet joined MIB campaigning at Manchester Mela on 6 and 7 of July, where he talked to young people about the dangers of uninsured drivers.

MIB’s campaign is focusing on areas in North West, West Yorkshire and the West Midlands as these places are said to be hotspots for people breaking law on insurance.

“I wasn’t aware that so many people are taking the huge risk of driving without insurance, so when I found out about the scale of the problem I didn’t think twice about lending my support to the MIB campaign” said Ameet.

According to MID (Motor Insurance Database) Birmingham and Bradford dominate the top spots for uninsured driving in a UK national ranking.  Areas such as Bordesley and Small Heath in Birmingham and the BD9 area in Bradford are 6 to 7 times higher than the national average of uninsured drivers.

Currently there are an estimated 1.2 million uninsured motorists on UK roads and about 26,500 people are injured and 130 people killed by uninsured and untraced drivers in the UK every year.

Ashton West, Chief Executive of MIB, said “although we’re making progress in reducing levels of uninsured driving, our data shows that significant numbers of people in cities such as Manchester, Birmingham and Bradford are still driving without proper insurance.”

Ameet alongside MIB will also be at the Birmingham Eid Mela on the 18 of August.