A ‘touching yet hard hitting’ play is coming to the Carlisle Business Centre in Bradford on May 23.

The Open Minds Theatre Company’s has been touring across Yorkshire this month.
The play, last performed in 2008 to a sold out audiences, tells a story that covers the 1980’s steel strike, the National Front march in Yorkshire, “paki-bashing”, and schools which were part of the problem and not the solution for a new wave of immigrant young people.

The play is described as hard hitting and does not shy away from the fact that racism can exist on both sides.
Written by Steve Rogers and Taiba Yasseen (Presenter and adviser, Channel 4’s Make Bradford British series), the play is based on the real stories from that second generation, who came in the 70s to Rotherham with their families.

Faultlines – The Second Generation tells of what it was like to settle in a new country, go to school and make home in a very different culture.

Asian family life, talk of arrival, Eid and arranged marriages is the backdrop to the ruthless reality of the time, as is the reaction of white neighbours, teachers and workmates to the new arrivals.
It is a story which has a direct relevance to today and the shifting ethnic landscape of Britain.

The play is in the city for one day only with tickets costing £8 and £6 concessions. Tickets are bookable through 07541475159 or by e-mail to steve@omtc.org.uk

Faultline Yorkshire Tour Poster