I see you 2015. Check out this year’s popular eyewear trends

By Ninder Kaur


Surely everyone can remember the day you were taken to the opticians when you were a kid and all you ever wanted was to wear glasses?

Most of you probably even went as far as to fake bad vision just so that you could rock those Barbie or Action Man glasses the next day at school.

Then came the day when you got a little older and you actually needed glasses. Suddenly they weren’t cool anymore. Not only did you look proper geeky but you felt geeky too and wearing glasses were social-life-destroying and considered the ultimate repelling accessory. You told yourself you NEEDED contacts. It was contacts or nothing.

But nowadays, geek chic glasses have become the norm with celebrities and people alike donning the once hate-to-be-seen-in accessory. Just look at these guys for example.

justing-bieber wearing glasess

johnny depp glassesAnne Hatheway wearing glasses


Jen An glasses

Fifty years ago, if you needed specs, you had only a handful to choose from, with different styles more prevalent in different decades. Luckily, now there is a huge range of glasses’ style to choose from-thank god.

Check out how eyewear has evolved throughout the decades, as we take a look at the popular trends from the 40s right through to today.

The 40s saw the introduction of the ‘browline’– a bold ridge to the top of the frames that gave wearers a distinctive signature faux eyebrow look. Who knew that years later we would be taking fashion tips from Malcolm X.malcom x glasses

The 50s bought with it the cat’s eye that oozed glamour with film icons such as Marilyn Monroe donning them on the big screen.



Large frames dominated the 60s and high fashion went hand-in-hand with big bug-eyes and crazy shapes. Celebrity wearers included Jackie Kennedy Onassis, who was rarely pictured without her signature oversized sunglasses.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis glasses


At the opposite end of the scale, flower power made round glasses cool and hippies quickly adopted John Lennon’s iconic look.


The 80s saw technology advance which meant new materials were used to make glasses and wearers could take advantage of new, lighter, more comfortable plastic acetate frames and thinner lenses.

Bold statement specs in angular black – made popular by DJ and TV presenter Chris Evans and large round eyes, become increasingly popular in the 90s.

Chris Evans glasses

These days, however, eyewear fashion encompasses a huge range of trends and styles and the so-called rulebook no longer exists. Vintage styles are as popular today as new trends for light, minimalist almost invisible frames, with function embracing fashion.

From the red carpet to the catwalk, glasses are a big part of 2015 accessorising. As designer Stefano Gabbana was reported to have said: ‘Constantly we see people wearing glasses even when they don’t need them. They add elegance.’

Taking the glasses scene by storm are the following colours and trends for this year’s Autumn Winter look.


What colours are trending?


Nature’s best greens, Summer blues, and daring reds, with a touch of Sun-kissed Orange and delicate blush pinks are on the horizon this season. Adding a splash of colour to your face will not only make you feel great but you will look bang on trend too.

Boss Orange £125

Boss Orange £125

Converse 17

Converse 17 £99


Osiris B71 £99

Osiris B71 £99

Max & Co 02 £149

Max & Co 02 £149



If you want to play it safe, then why not go for the neutrals, blacks and tortoiseshell tones. Naturals are never dull and they are perfect for everyday wear.


Cheap Monday Beeswax £45

Cheap Monday Beeswax £45


Specsavers Farrow £69

Specsavers KL 01 £125

Specsavers KL 01 £125


This hexagonal frame brought to you by Karl Lagerfeld is a must have this season. It’s definitely a trend that will turn people’s heads. Are you brave enough to take on the 6-sided frame?

Karl Lagerfeld, KL SUN RX 04, £125

Karl Lagerfeld, KL SUN RX 04, £125

Round is sound:

Converse 10, £99

Converse 10, £99

There is an emerging trend for crystal-clear acetate-plastic glasses just like these Converse glasses. Patterned, translucent designs have started appearing too. Watch out Harry Potter, you are no longer flying the flag for rocking round glasses.

Osiris Sandro, £125

Osiris Sandro, £125


We’re feline good about these


A cat’s eye shape is a classic. But this season, the style has been reinvented with sharper edges. For a sophisticated, more modern style, add an angular pair to your look. Also a contemporary colour like this one is one to look out for. These styles are also available in sunglasses too.

Max & Co 05 £149

Max & Co 05 £149


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