Following the over whelming success and positive feedback from “Visit My Mosque” last February the Madina Masjid in Mount Pleasant, Batley will once again be opening its doors to the wider community, this time during the holy month of Ramadhan.

Madina Masjid BatleyThe Mosque is offering the opportunity for members of the wider community to sample the real spirit of Ramadhan by actually sitting in on the daily spiritual sermon.

Currently an estimated 22 per cent of the global population is participating in Ramadan, which started on 6 June. Ramadhan marks the ninth month of the Muslim lunar calendar and it commemorates the month in which the Koran was first revealed to the prophet Mohammed and is the holiest month for Muslims.

Its observance is regarded as one of the Five Pillars of Islam,where Muslims will abstain from food and drink from sunrise till sunset.

So to experience the spirit of Ramadhan Madina Masjid will open its doors to all on Sunday 12 June with an open invitation to listen to the daily Ramadhan spiritual lecture, which will be delivered by a revered guest speaker.  Delegates are requested to attend the mosque between 7.30 – 7.45pm to enable seating to take place in good time, and the opportunity to observe the early evening prayer which will commence at 8.00pm.  The prayer precedes the sermon, which will last for 40 minutes, with the whole event taking no more than an hour.

On behalf of the Mosque it’s vice chair and spokesperson Yunus Lunat commented   “This is a natural progression that was broached by the Committee at the Open Mosque event which was received favourably.  We would hope that events such as this will continue to help demystify the workings and proceedings of a Mosque and demonstrate that the message of the sermon is no different from the sermons in any other place of worship”

For further information or queries please contact Mohammed Mayat on 07976 894066