Following recent comments made by Donald Trump against Muslims, Imran Hussain, MP for Bradford East, has tabled a Parliamentary motion calling on the Government to refuse Mr Trump a visa to enter the UK

Imran Hussain MPThe motion, already signed by several MPs, follows the recent comments made by Donald Trump, the Republican Party Presidential Candidate hopeful, where he called for all Muslims to be banned from entering the United States in what he describes as a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States”, and alludes to the discriminatory belief that all Muslims are terrorists until proven otherwise.

It urges the Government to refuse a visa allowing Donald Trump to visit the UK until he withdraws his comments, and notes that his language is not only extremely divisive, but will incite discrimination and hatred. Mr Hussain also states in his motion that the comments will seriously hamper and damage efforts to promote inclusion, integration and cooperation, and that Donald Trump already has a history of prejudice towards minority groups included disabled groups.

Speaking on the motion, Imran Hussain, MP for Bradford East said:

“Donald Trump has already gone too far with a serious of offensive remarks against disabled people and Hispanics, and these comments on barring Muslims from entering the United States just further shows that his desire to cause offence and controversy knows no bounds.
“His comments are seen by many, including myself and other MPs, to be bigoted, divisive and preaching hate, and they risk creating a situation where Islamophobia is seen as moderate and the norm because Mr Trump’s comments create an environment where such views are seen as legitimised.

“They also create an ‘us versus them’ culture where Muslims are not seen as part of mainstream society, but as a separate group, and I believe that this plays directly into the hands of extremists on all sides who seek to exploit and widen divisions in society for their own purposes.

“Ultimately, this kind of behaviour cannot be tolerated and cannot be seen to be tolerated, and I have therefore urged with my Parliamentary motion for the Government to send a strong message that Mr Trump’s dangerous behaviour and comments will not be overlooked, and to therefore block any attempt by him to enter the UK.”

Trump 69 has been trending on Twitter since he called for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims” coming to the U.S. on Monday, a plan that he continues to stand by despite a major backlash from British politicians and politicians around the world.

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Mary Ann Sanford ‏@funkyfiercefab

Maddow Asks If Trump Is Just Deliberately Committing Campaign Suicide


Mark Lott ‏@AgeofMockery

I don’t care what Trump says. His idiocy is on full display. It’s the ones on a puritanical moral crusade you have to watch out for.


Froney Lou Who ‏@AmyTheFrone

You know what you do with a child causing a scene? You ignore the bad behavior. Can we stop paying attention to Trump now?


Cha’relle Brown ‏@charelle_brown

@realDonaldTrump When the next ISIS attack happens, Trump will be the ONLY ONE who will have stood for PROTECTING us when no one else would.


Matt MorrisVerified account ‏@MattMorris

If Trump is the fuel that ignites a new wave of American fascism, history will make note of how many treated this whole thing like a joke.


Ken Kaniff ‏@KILLSheredon

If u votin for Donald trump unfollow me.. Matter fact u a got damn republican, unfollow me.