By Ninder Kaur

Cast of TOWIE
Cast of TOWIE

Wedding season has begun. Although it might be a fun time to start celebrating with your friends it can be a stressful time too. Being invited to a South Asian wedding may seem like a really exciting and colourful experience until you realise you have no idea what to wear.

It leaves you to question -do I have to wear a sari? What colour do I wear? What about all those accessories? It’s all a bit too overwhelming to say the least.


There is no need to panic. For anyone who may be invited to an Asian wedding, here is a quick guide to dressing for the occasion.


  • Indian and Pakistani clothing is beautiful, colourful and detailed. Try avoiding wearing anything white and black and be experimental.
  • Avoid dresses and outfits that show too much leg and scream boobage especially if the couple comes from a religious family. Dress modestly.  Leave the strapless, tight fitting, figure hugging dress for another time. It will not be taken well by the South Asian community.


  • If you’re feeling extra adventurous then why not take a trip to an Asian clothing store. There are plenty of styles to choose from including saris, salwar kameez (long top with loose trousers) and lenghas, which are long skirts that come with a matching top.


  • Accesorising is the most fun part. There is so much to choose from including bindis, bangles, and beautiful ornate necklaces. Many girls will also wear payal, or anklets. The mang tikkas (a huge bindi) have also become quite popular.
  • For men, do not go scruffy. Skip the jeans and t-shirts and dress formal, as you would do at any wedding. There is nothing more embarrassing than being ‘that’ slobby guest. Whip out that suit and tie and be a gentlemen. If you really want to impress your friend on their special wedding day, then why not try on the traditional sherwani. They come in a number of customised styles and designs at affordable prices too. Not only will you will look super handsome but you may even surprise yourself and outshine the rest of the guests.
  • If you are attending a Muslim nikah or a Sikh wedding at the gurdwara you will have to cover your head. So always keep a shawl/scarf or bandana with you.

towie cast in asian outfits


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Remember, Indian clothing is colourful and detailed, so roll with it just like the cast of Made In Chelsea and TOWIE did.

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