VIDEO: Meet the Bradford man, known as 'Syrian Santa'

    Syria Counts a platform which is dedicated to telling the stories of the Syrian conflict, both good and bad has released a video about a Bradford man dubbed as 'Syrian Santa'.

    Syrian Santa, Nazim Ali, has been raising money over the past five consecutive years and has been taking the donations across to the Turkish Syrian border in a bid to help with the humanitarian crisis. He has run marathons and climbed mountains (sometimes whilst fasting for Ramadan) to personally raise more than £100,000.

    The money has been vital in helping change the lives of Syrian people, such as helping to provide baby milk – instead of mother's having to give their babies sugar mixed in with water. The money has also helped in supporting schools with stationary, school bags for children and providing sporting equipment such as skipping ropes and basket balls.

    In the video Nazim discusses the importance of raising money safely and in the right way to help other communities both at home and abroad.


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    Talented student from low income household in with chance for scholarship with the University of Law, thanks to the Sayeeda Warsi Set for Success Scholarship

    The University of Law has strengthened its commitment to diversity with the announcement of the Baroness Sayeeda Warsi Set for Success scholarship, which will be available to one talented student a year from a low income household.

    Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, an alumna of The University of Law (ULaw), has the distinction of being Britain's first Muslim Cabinet minister. She undertook an LPC course at ULaw before working for the Crown Prosecution Service and founding her own legal practice.

    Raised to the peerage in 2007 as Baroness Warsi of Dewsbury, she held a variety of ministerial positions after the 2010 general election and was also co-Chair of the Conservative Party. In April 2017, she was awarded an honorary doctorate by The University of Law.

    Baroness Sayeeda Warsi said: "Success should be determined by talent and not by the income of the household in which you were born. As such I am delighted to lend my name to The Sayeeda Warsi Set for Success scholarship. A legal education is a strong basis for a variety of successful careers and I am pleased that the scholarship will enable people from a low income household to fulfil their potential."

    Professor Andrea Nollent, Vice-Chancellor and CEO of The University of Law said, "Baroness Warsi is the kind of role model young lawyers need. She highlights the talent that exists across all of this country's diverse communities. We're proud to be able to name this scholarship after her and we hope her example will inspire law students to go and achieve great things for their communities."

    The Baroness Warsi Set for Success scholarship will be available to a student who has been offered a place on one of The University of Law's postgraduate courses from September 2018. These are the Legal Practice Course (LPC), MA Law or Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL).

    To find out more about The Sayeeda Warsi Set for Success Scholarship and to apply visit

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    TEAM GB Flyweight flying the flag high


    TEAM GB Laura Rose Pain is not your average athlete.

    Born with dis-located hips, having trouble walking in her early years and then being told that the odds were stacked against her and that there was a strong possibility that she may not be able to participate in sport, would be enough to discourage most from seeing any positive light in the future.

    However this was not something Laura was willing to accept. Her determination and passion became an obsession to change the outcome of her current situation and prove the doctors wrong.
    Laura has always been a sports enthusiast and even against doctors orders she participated in physical activity by playing football in her Primary years. It was thereafter with the rule that there was not to be any mixed teams; Laura found a girl’s team called Guildford Saints. She then moved to another club called Mousey before getting scouted for Chelsea Ladies.

    She started playing for The Chelsea Ladies Academy from the age of 14 where she felt her development as a football player was really improving, however her hips started to get a clicking sensation every time she played. She was later informed by the doctors that she had a condition called snapping hips which is when two bones snap together every time you move your legs. The decision then followed for her to hang her boots up.

    “It wasn’t an easy decision to stop playing football. Even at times when I had felt discomfort I stopped for a while with hope the pain would ease but reality was I could no longer continue.”

    After a successful operation at Great Ormond Street Hospital, her passion for sports was stronger than ever and it was here she decided to try something different to enable her to continue building her fitness. The hospital had advised that kickboxing would be a good option as it would help with flexibility in the muscles.

    “I still had a huge passion for sport, I wanted to move sports and try something completely different. So I heard there was a kickboxing club down the road from me and thought it would be worth me attending to keep my fitness up and learn self defense at the same time."

    A few years down the line after competing in a few kickboxing tournaments she decided to make the move into Boxing. It was from this moment of stepping into a boxing gym that she knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life.An intense burning desire to help achieve her goals to make the Team GB squad.

    “I stepped into a boxing gym to only improve my hand skill. It was from my first outing that I felt a buzz like I had never felt before. It’s fair to say I felt a connection with the sport instantly.With Boxing I was taken in straight away and made to feel like I belonged and was part of a family. I simply didn’t want to put the gloves down; it was a new challenge but a challenge that I Knew I wouldn’t get bored with.”

    Wanting to follow suit and head in the same direction as her role model Nicola Adams, she participated in trials to secure a place in the squad.

    “I took part in a series of trials called discover your fight. After tough sparring, boxing and fitness tests, I was selected for Team GB Boxing. What an experience this has been. I have so many people to thank that have supported me with my journey so far.My Kick Boxing coach Sean McCarthy and John my boxing trainer who is everything you could ever want in a coach. My family who have encouraged me to carry on. I am thoroughly enjoying being a part of the squad and look forward to setting some new goals for 2018.I just want to inspire the next generation and focus on the task ahead of me.”

    So from being told she may never be able to play sports to now becoming a member of the Team GB squad it is testament to the dedication and character she has shown to make a lifelong dream become a reality.
    19 Year old Laura Pain is flying her own flag high, proving that if you really want something it takes sacrifice,self-belief and determination. A shining example to all.A role model who has the ability to inspire the most uninspired with all that she has accomplished so far.


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    British Pakistani artist challenges police sketch of Zainab Ansari’s murderer as inaccurate and releases her own in desperate urge to capture the killer.


    The rape and murder of innocent little Zainab Ansari has outraged people all over the world.

    Hundreds if not thousands of people have taken to the streets and social media to demand justice for Zainab.

    The seven-year-old girl was abducted and raped before being murdered in a city in northeastern Pakistan and later discovered in a heap of rubbish.

    It is believed that Zainab disappeared on January 4 after leaving her house to go to a tuition centre. Her body was discovered five days later on Tuesday 9 January.

    Her parents, who were in Saudi Arabia performing Umrah (holy pilgrimage) at the time of her abduction, returned to Pakistan on the morning of 10 January, hours after Zainab's funeral prayers were held.

    Artist Simone Malik

    Top left CCTV footage of suspect with Zainab Ansari. Bottom left artist Simone's analysis of suspect face, middle Pakistan police sketch. Right, Simone's sketch of suspect in CCTV

    Bradford based Pakistani artist, Simone Malik like many has been outraged by the story and has been following the news closely. Ms Malik has been shocked at the lack of response from the police, but more so of their sketch of the main suspect in Zainab’s murder case.

    “We were following the news, last night at around 730pm and I saw the sketch of the culprit on an Asian news channel. When I saw the face I thought, no, it’s nothing like the CCTV. I was so angry. Ms Malik told Asian Sunday

    “A few minutes later I felt I had to study the sketch the police had done and wrote out a detailed critique which I shared on my social media.

    “As an artist I could see the technicality of it, and there were so many flaws with the police’s sketch. The nose, the eyes, the nostril, they were all so far from the CCTV. Even the suspects forehead was so different from the CCTV. The CCTV shows the suspect with a narrower forehead, but the sketch is nothing like that”

    Ms Malik wasn’t the only one who felt like this about the Police’s sketch. Along with comments on her own social media, many on Twitter also felt the same.

    One said: “Wow. The forensic sketch looks nothing like the guy in the CCTV footage. The sketch doesn't even have a beard.

    This is hopeless. Nothing will happen. The f******g police knows just who it is and is protecting him. #JusticeForZainab”

    Another said: “Big difference between the sketch and the CCTV footage They are either trying to cover something up or they are just painfully incompetent. #JusticeForZainab”

    Following up on the comments from her social media, and the desperate urge for the suspect to be caught Ms Malik then attempted to draw out her own accurate sketch of the suspect seen in the CCTV footage.

    She said: “I had an image in my mind when I saw the CCTV and thought I must get this out as soon as possible so this vile person can be caught quickly”

    Since posting her sketch on social media, it has had nearly 100 shares from crime reporters to political representatives from both India and Pakistan.

    Nouman Zaboor, who is a crime reporter in Pakistan wrote about the picture: “Incredible I think this is perfect”

    Mobeen Chaudhry, who is Bureau Chief UK & EU at ARY News wrote: “Thanks for your concern Ms Simone G Malik I have forwarded this picture to authorities in Lahore”

    Asif Khan Media Coordinator for Imran Khan’s PTI party wrote: “I have through my contacts forwarded this to Punjab police and those ruling Punjab including cabinet ministers of CM Punjab. Hope this little angel gets speedy justice and such horrible crimes against children are avoided”

    Ms Malik, is urging people to share the sketch of the suspect as much as possible so that it can hopefully lead to a successful arrest of the culprit, who has committed this heinous crime.

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    The murder of a little girl in Pakistan has sparked outrage and demands for justice

    A seven year old  girl in Pakistan was found dead on Tuesday after she was kidnapped from Shehbaz Khan Road in Ghandra area and later raped. Her body was found five days after she went missing.

    The body of Zainab was discovered discarded in a garbage pile in the Kasur region of Pakistan. Reports claim that she had been killed after being sexually abused multiple times. The story has prompted urgent calls for the government to do more to protect children.

    The funeral of the minor girl was held in Kasur today and was observed by hundreds. Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) Chief Tahirul Qadri was also in attendance and led the prayers. Offering prayers, Qadri offered condolences to the family of the victim. “I am here to stand up for their rights, she was going to learn, to receive education and they killed her and dumped her.”

    No arrests have been made yet, but a suspect has been identified through CCTV footage and a sketch has been released by local police to find him.

    The incident has caused outrage in Pakistan, with many taking to social media to condemn the act and to demand for justice.

    They included, PTI leader Imran Khan, who tweeted: PTI Chief Imran Khan took to Twitter to condemn the incident saying “The condemnable and horrific rape and murder of little Zainab exposes once again how vulnerable our children are in our society. This is not the first time such horrific acts have happened. We have to act swiftly to punish the guilty and ensure that our children are better protected.”

    Pakistani actress Mahira Khan also tweeted: "This will not stop till we don’t make examples out of these evil butchers! #JusticeForZainab



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