New book on Pakistan cricket ‘White on Green’ launched

A new book on Pakistan cricket ‘White on Green’ was launched at the Pakistan High Commission London on Tuesday, which is co-authored by Richard Heller and Peter Oborne.
Cricket legend Zaheer Abbas, Intikhab Alam and Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Shahryar Khan were among the 200 cricket fans who attended the launching ceremony.
Welcoming the guests, Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK Syed Ibne Abbas commended the authors on bringing out such a well researched book on Pakistan cricket. He said the Pakistani people are passionate about cricket that has become part of our identity. “The timing of the book launch is very opportune since the Pakistan cricket team is back again in Britain for their summer tour after six years,” he added.

'White on Green' book launch

‘White on Green’ book launch

Peter Oborne and Richard Heller thanked the people of Pakistan and the Pakistan High Commission for their support in accomplishing the project of the book. They termed Pakistan a great cricketing nation that produced legendary cricketers of all times.
Richard Heller said: “I hope this new book will take readers closer to Pakistan cricket and in that way closer to Pakistan itself. Pakistan is a fascinating, multi-layered country – cricket has become part of its national identity.”
The PCB Chairman gave a comprehensive overview of the book. He stated that the book presents not only the history of the Pakistan cricket but also sheds light on several historical and cultural aspects of the Pakistani society.
Peter Oborne is a distinguished British journalist and author of acclaimed book entitled ‘Wounded Tiger, A History of

Guests at the 'White on Green' book launch

Guests at the ‘White on Green’ book launch

Pakistan Cricket’. Similarly, Richard Heller is a journalist and author of several books and novels. They have frequently visited Pakistan for research on their books and played friendly cricket matches with local Pakistani teams in various cities of Pakistan as well as in Chitral.


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