Number of events take place in Bradford for Bike Smart Campaign


A number of events are taking place in Bradford this week to support the National Road Safety Week 2018, organised by the road safety charity Brake.

Bradford Council officers are to be working side by side with the police and fire and rescue services to highlight the road safety issues during the week-long campaign.

This year’s theme for the campaign is Bike Smart which aims to change behaviour among drivers to people on two wheels, ultimately decreasing the number of road casualties.

Cyclists and motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable road users in the UK, with more than a third of people being killed or seriously injured on UK roads are those travelling by bike.

Today, Bradford Council are visiting Sandal Primary and Margaret McMillan Primary to teach Bikeability training to children as part of the week.

Councillor Alex Ross-Shaw, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Housing, Planning and Transport, said: “This Road Safety Week we are spreading the message about the safety of those on two wheels and encouraging everyone to be Bike Smart.

“We can all play our part in raising awareness about the importance of protecting those on bikes. Drivers can be Bike Smart by looking out for those on two wheels, driving safely and slowly and giving bike riders plenty of space.

“Cyclists and motorcyclists can be Bike Smart through safe riding behaviour and appropriate training and equipment. If we all share our roads responsibly we will make the district safer for everyone.”

The potential dangers posed by bicycles and motorcycles are distinct but those on two wheels have a universal need to reduce the risk of death or injury on the roads.

Cycling in one of the healthiest and most environmentally-friendly forms of transport available with the benefits to public health, congestion and the economy widely acknowledged.

The number of people taking bicycles each year is increasing at a rapid pace and yet millions still don’t consider as an option.

Motorcyclists are disproportionately involved in crashes and the resulting injuries are often severe.

The speed of motorcycles is the equivalent to those of cars, however motorcycles do not have equal protection in the event of a crash, exposing them to a full force of impact. Raising awareness of safe driving is therefore critical to saving lives on UK roads.

Drivers can be Bike Smart by watching out for those on two wheels, driving safely and slowly and giving bike riders plenty of space.

Cyclists and motorcyclists can be Bike Smart through riding safely and taking appropriate training and equipment.

  • Car seat checks at Tong Medical Centre on Thursday
  • Assemblies and pedestrian training at different primary schools across the district
  • Bikeability training and distribution of hi-viz rucksack covers
  • Theatre in education performances at Immanuel College and University Academy Keighley
  • Ghost Street presentations at Hanson Academy
  • Presentations at Bradford College and distribution of air fresheners with road safety messages printed on
  • Distribution of Hi-Viz bags to older pedestrians

In 2016 there were 18,477 cyclist casualties and 19,297 motorcyclist casualties.




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