By Aalia Khan

The kill Dil team were on the sets of Big Boss yesterday to enjoy some fun, games and hungama with the bb contestants and Salman Khan.

Govinda and Salman began the show with a bang by dancing to their memorable song partner.

Then the kill Dil team; Parineeti Chopra, Ranveer Singh and Ali Zafar entered the Big Boss house to partake in some games with the contestants. After some Kill Dil fun they all danced to Govinda’s famous song akhiyon se goli Marai.

parineetiDuring the dancing Parineeti seemed to get angry at Ali Quli Mirza for apparently touching her in an inappropriate way. She took him off to the side and told him that this was not right and he needs to think about the way he acts. She, Ranveer and Ali Zafar then left the house through the confession room.

Ali, who has already faced such an incident before when he touched contestant Sonali in an inappropriate way under the duvet covers, was shocked at this allegation and kept telling the housemates that he hadn’t done anything.

Salman and Govinda then appeared on me TV screen to speak to the contestants and Salman was furious with Ali. He told him that if he doesn’t realise what he is doing then he needs to see a psychologist and get himself checked out.

aliSuddenly Salman broke into laughter and told Ali this was all just a joke. Ali was still in shock as to what was happening. Parineeti and the Kill Dil boys then appeared alongside Salman and Govinda and they were all in hysterics. Parineeti told Ali to smile as it was just a joke and also apologised for the fear she had put him in. Ali finally broke out in a grin and sang a song to ease out the tense moment.

However is joke funny or completely wrong? A question that should probably should have been thought about.