For weeks there have been rumours circulating across social media and via videos suggesting that chappati flour contains plastic.

Videos have been circulating, which show that when the dough is “washed,” it becomes a plastic-like consistency.

However,several chapatti flour brands and environmental health experts have come to forward to defend our traditional chappati flour.

Food Safety organisations and leading brands want to assure consumers that this is what happens to flour when it is mixed with water. The proteins in the flour lead to the formation of gluten and after kneading the dough you are left with a soft, elastic dough.

This is completely normal that dough is both stretchable and has an elasticity that allows it to go back to its original shape.

Elephant Atta and Westmill Foods have also released a statement stating that food safety and the enjoyment of customers who love their products is their absolute priority and they take any customer concerns very seriously. “With that in mind, we’re 100 per cent confident that what is shown in these videos is, in fact, gluten.” Read the statement

Flour is made from wheat which is a natural product made up of starch, protein and moisture. If you rinse a flour dough ball in water the starch will wash away leaving behind the protein, in the form of a gluten ball that is elastic and extensible.  Gluten is, in fact, the protein found in grains like wheat, rye and barley. It is what makes dough easy to knead, stretch, roll, flatten and shape. When burnt, gluten is flammable and produces an acrid smell that could be mistaken for plastic.

Following these claims, The Food Standards Agency in the UK have also issued the following statement on Twitter:

“To date there is no evidence or information to suggest that ‘plastic flour’ is on sale in the UK. Video footage on social media does not show plastic present within the product. The effect observed is a result of the naturally occurring protein (gluten) present in the flour.”

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