Chocolate cakes are helping a poor charity for the blind benefit from vital resources.

Two friends, Amjad Akram and Abdul Satar from Bradford are delivering chocolate fudge cakes, with a view to raising money for a school for blind children in Pakistan.

The duo raised £9,000 last year for the Kashmir Orphan Relief and this year they want to reach £15,000 in funds for AKAB school for the Blind, which is a specialist boarding school for the visually impaired, based in Khaliqabad, Pakistan.

For the two long term friends, Ramadan is not just about abstaining from food and drink, but is also about giving and doing charity.

So every Ramadan the Bradford businessmen want to raise funds for needy charities.

This year they chose, the AKAB school for the Blind because it is a very small charity, that is under-resourced.

“The school is doing a fabulous job, offering specialist facilities for 150 visually impaired male and female students ranging from pre-school through to high school age.” said Amjad.

“In addition to education, the school provides free accommodation, food and transportation for children, the majority of whom originate from poverty stricken families.” added Abdul.

“What attracted us to this charity was the fact that it’s a charity that’s paying no wages, making no deductions and therefore, they are 100 per cent benefitting the cause.

“Also due to the fact that they aren’t known and don’t spend on marketing their funds are very minimal. So we decided to help them out this year by selling cakes.” said Abdul.

The pair are using their own transport and volunteering their time to deliver cakes to people all over Yorkshire.

Cakes cost £10, with £5 going to the charity and a further £5 per cake sold to be matched by catering giant Mr Ghafoor, of Pakistan Catering, Bradford

To order your chocolate fudge cake, contact Abdul Satar on 0788 8693 196 or Amjad Akram on 07956 566 666