By Aalia Khan

The feeling of stress, anxiety and uneasiness arises at some point in everyone’s life. Taking a well deserved spa break can sometimes help tackle these issues, however a spa break is not always an attainable option in ones busy life.

IMG_6797The ‘Good Witches of the North’ have launched an exciting and unique retreat for the mind in Yorkshire.

All in a Good Day’s Work is a unique experience that whisks women away from their everyday environment to exclusive locations in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside for a single day of one-to-one coaching sessions.

Arriving in a chauffeur driven Mercedes, guests are greeted at a luxury cottage by two expert professional coaches – Bec Howard and Dannie-Lu Carr, the Good Witches of the North.

Sheltered from the usual daily distractions and pressures, guests enjoy gourmet chef-cooked Yorkshire food and breath-taking scenery combined with tough love and tea to leave them reinvigorated and focused, ready to return to their private and professional life refreshed, as if by magic.

The experts say “This retreat is perfect for business women who are time poor, who haven’t got six days worth of time to spend coaching and want change fast. It is a quick, effective, confidential, discrete service that delivers deep change, meaning your impact in the business world will undoubtedly shift as a result.”

Good Witches of the NorthBec Howard and Dannie-Lu Carr, have already helped hundreds of women, from CEOs of women from all walks of life, including actors, CEOs and entrepreneurs. The one thing all attendees have in common is that they have something in their life that they want to change and little time to do something about it.

The women say “Following their sessions every single one of them has felt empowered to take control of their own destiny and make the changes that matter to them.”

The spa currently caters primarily for women as the witches are professional women themselves “Who believe strongly in working to empower other professional women.” However if they got requests from men to run something similar they would be happy to do it.

The significant and tangible changes take place in just one day. The coaching style is unique and combines the psychology of performance and psychology of identity.  The Good Witches of the North, run by two highly sought after and effective coaches, run a day that delivers the impact that would usually take 6 traditional coaching sessions.

“Sometimes the best things, and the things you need, are right under your nose. The retreat also celebrates the best of North Yorkshire; locally sourced delicious food, the best landscapes and it means that those business people in Yorkshire don’t need to spend on expensive hotels other cities – they can come, experience the retreat, and be back at home in the same day” say the experts.