With Bonfire night right around the corner The Asian Sunday are looking back at the fond memories that arise from the 5th November.

Lighting fires, burning potatoes in the fires, yummy toffee and chocolate apples and of course getting rid of all that unwanted rubbish in the fire.

Eating toffee and chocolate apples is one of the memories we wanted to focus on. We would like you to tell us of your most memorable toffee apple moments; when did you last have one, what ingredient did you have yours with and do you still enjoy eating them today?

With the arrival of bonfire night we will be giving every reader a free toffee apple when they pick up their copy of the Asian Sunday.

When you get your Asian Sunday at any participating stores you will get your free toffee apple and if you do not manage to get one at the stands or stores you can always come to our office with a copy of the Asian Sunday to collect your toffee apple.

Also don’t forget to tweet us @Asiansundaynewspaper or find us on Facebook at The Asian Sunday Newspaper and tell us of your most memorable toffee apple moments.

Have a safe and happy Bonfire night!