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A family in Bradford were shocked when four pig head’s were left on their doorstep after 30 years of living in the same house.
The Ditta family, who live in Bolton and Undercliffe, were horrified to see ‘decomposing and maggot infested’ pig head’s placed at their front and back doors.
Originally, only two pig head’s were found at the property, but two more were found in the garden after a police search.
The incident, which occurred on June 14, also happened at a neighbour’s house two weeks prior to these events.
Leaving a pig head on a property of someone of Muslim faith is seen as a racist gesture and is used to offend and scare occupants, as Muslims do not eat pork.
Selina Ditta, 30, said: “We don’t know why people would do this. We tried to think if we had maybe offended
someone recently by asking everyone in the family but we have no idea who would want to do something like this.”
Sofia, 34, Selina’s sister, said: “My family have lived in Bradford for over 60 years. My dad was born here, he doesn’t have a beard. My sisters, my mother and myself don’t wear headscarves. We dress on UK trend. We go out, we work, we pay taxes, we commute, we live, love and enjoy our free British lifestyle but we are not white. We respect our Pakistani heritage and our Muslim values, which are no different to common decency values of other religions and non-religions.”
The family were told to preserve the pig heads for forensics by the police, but that was quickly dismissed when officers arrived.
According to the family, a police officer said: “I don’t know who was watching CSI at the time but there’s nothing we can do about taking them away, and this isn’t classed as a crime, it’s a hate incident, and we just don’t have the resources to take them and send them back and await results of DNA tests, they are so decomposed I don’t even think we can get any testing done.”
Selina said: “The police were disgusted by this incident when they came round. They told us that this was an isolated incident and there was nothing they could do except to patrol the area for the next few weeks.”
Sofia added: “Not only have the police been slow to speak to our neighbours, they were clueless on how to advise us on how to dispose of the heads.
“I’m disappointed with the police’s systemic reaction to this level of racial harassment. The officers were sympathetic, but they clearly have a lack of resources to do anything. This type of attack falls way below their list of priorities.”
Having been told they must dispose of the pig head’s themselves, the Ditta family were advised to burn them.
Selina said: “My father purchased an incinerator to burn the pig head’s due to the Council offices being closed on the weekend. Burning the pig head’s was a bad idea. That smell still haunts us to this day. It took about five or four days of burning them to eventually get rid of them. The snouts were still visible after days of burning and maggots were still eating the bits of flesh that remained.”
The remains were eventually collected but the family endured days of the ‘stench’ and had to jet wash areas of their property.
Councillor Howard Middleton, representing Bolton & Undercliffe ward, said: “Obviously this is an appalling incident. It would cause distress and alarm to anyone who found a pig’s head dumped outside their home, but particularly for anyone of a Muslim or Jewish faith.”
Councillors from the area will be raising this incident with West Yorkshire Police at one of their regular meetings this month.




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