By Ninder Kaur


Actress Sunny Leone has recently featured in a condom commercial and is now receiving a lot of backlash from a senior politician and the former chief of the Delhi Commission of Women.

sunny leone


In a tweet in Thursday evening, Ms Leone urged ‘people of power’ to focus helping people in need:

“Sad when people of of power waste their time and energy on me, instead of focusing on helping those in need !!!!! #SHAME #EPICFAIL” 

Barkha Singh, former chairperson of the Delhi Commission of Women, urged the government to withdraw the ‘highly immoral’ commercial from being aired on TV, news agency PTI reported on Thursday.

Hours earlier, senior Left leader Atul Kumar Anjaan issued an apology of sorts for his comments. “Supporters of porn and Sunny Leone are raising objections,” Mr Anjaan told news agency ANI, “I apologise but don’t stand for for such ads.”

“Sunny Leone’s ads are vulgar. I am not anti-condoms but the language used in the ad is not right,” he said

The national secretary of the Communist Party of India or CPI warned that the commercial will lead to more rapes.