By Ninder Kaur

It’s no surprise that everyone is jumping on the gym bandwagon at the moment to get their beach-body ready just in time for summer.

You’ve got the patterned leggings with the matching tank top. You are rocking the latest trainers. But the only thing you’re missing from your workout wardrobe is a super-fly gym bag.

Well you needn’t worry, there is a new accessory on the market- The Gym Tote

gym tote1
New gym accessory is flying off the shelves


It may look super chic but this handbag cleverly fuses style with the functionality of a gym bag.

The concept of this brand new multi-purpose handbag has come from creator’s Helena and Nicola.

The ladies that women who love to keep fit but work in a smart environment often face the dilemma of lugging their gym kit around the office.

A scruffy sports bag slung over the shoulder on top of their handbag can detract from an otherwise elegant ensemble.

Their desire was to create a one-bag-does-all design for work days followed by gym nights. Because really, having to lug around two bags is too much of a pre-workout in itself.

The bag itself is really rather clever, with waterproofed pockets for your trainers, water bottle and gym kit, as well as a separate area for all your everyday items. There’s even a special strap on the bottom to hold your yoga matt.

gym tote
Practical yet chic- The most versatile gym bag yet

What is even better is that the Gym Tote is nice looking, which makes a change from other, boring bulky kit bags that are on the market.

This exercise tote is great at keeping everything you need for in and out of the gym in one place – shoes, yoga mat, clothes, beauty products, wallet, laptop you name it.

I predict that this will be a number one staple must-have amongst gym bunnies everywhere. In fact, they are already flying off the shelves.

There’s no excuses ladies- you can now go from work to the gym with ease.

The Sophia Gym Tote will set you back £120 and is available on