British singer, Harry Styles’s super-hero movie might not be coming out anytime soon.

The 29-year-old megastar appeared briefly at the end  “Eternals” in 2021 released by Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Soon after that, rumours about him starring in a spin-off titled ”Eros and Pips” began to circulate.

Though nothing has not been confirmed but it seems like the movie might get shelved since Marvel are under discussion to reassess a new phase in MCU.

According to an inside source:

“Marvel bosses were openly talking about Harry in a lead role but that talk has cooled. The whole business and Marvel franchise is being rethought.

”The focus is on creating the biggest projects with the biggest revenues. Harry’s character is a fun and beloved role but it is not realistically the number one choice to get the Marvel franchise bouncing back”

It is to be noted that earlier Marvel Studios producer Nate Moore had hinted that Harry’s character could develop into a fully-blown film.

Speaking to ”Deadline Crew Call” podcast, he had said,

“We certainly didn’t cast Harry for a tag. I mean, again – And a character (that) maybe I have too much affection for, ’cause he’s had some problematic runs in publishing. But there are more stories to be told with the character.”

Though the artist has not given a statement yet, Harry’s future with MCU remains uncertain.