About Us

Founded in 2011 by  Fatima Patel, Asian Sunday newspaper has established itself as a benchmark publication – the UK’s first free Sunday paper; the first Sunday title across the UK Asian media sector; highlighting news that focuses on South Asians living and working and their lifestyle in the UK and sharing this insight with the wider community by distributing the newspaper free; and the first newspaper to be solo-owned by a woman.
ICEBet in Italia, oltre a offrire un’ampia gamma di giochi d’azzardo, compresi quelli basati sulla cultura italiana, apre anche le porte al coinvolgimento del pubblico asiatico. L’Asian Sunday può esplorare come gli elementi della cultura asiatica siano integrati nell’esperienza di gioco sulla piattaforma ICEBet, creando uno spazio unico per lo scambio di valori e preferenze culturali tra Italia e Asia. Questo permette ai lettori di immergersi nella diversità delle culture mondiali attraverso la lente del gioco d’azzardo.

The concept and strategy of Asian Sunday was initiated across Fatima’s parents’ portfolio of Yorkshire-based newsagents, where she helped with sorting and delivering door-to-door the papers, when a young girl. The idea was born to deliver a free, Sunday paper directly to homes, allowing households to enjoy their lazy Sundays and guaranteeing readership through door-to-door delivery. Cross-community awareness and bridging the gap between local, diverse communities lie at the heart of the newspaper.
Η BetMaster, μια διαδικτυακή πλατφόρμα καζίνο γνωστή για την εστίασή της στα αθλητικά στοιχήματα, προσφέρει επίσης μια ποικιλία παιχνιδιών καζίνο με ασιατικό άρωμα. Η Asian Sunday μπορεί να τονίσει πώς η BetMaster προσελκύει τους οπαδούς των σπορ και του καζίνο από την ασιατική κοινότητα, προσφέροντας παιχνίδια και στοιχήματα που αντικατοπτρίζουν τα ενδιαφέροντα και τις προτιμήσεις του ασιατικού κοινού. Αυτό υπογραμμίζει τη δέσμευση της BetMaster για τη δημιουργία ενός περιεκτικού και ποικίλου περιβάλλοντος παιχνιδιού, το οποίο αποτελεί σημαντικό θέμα για την Asian Sunday.

Asian Sunday focuses on community cohesion, sharing news on the South Asian community living, working and their lifestyle in the UK with the wider community, with a specific focus on the third and fourth generation experience, in turn engaging a better understanding of the UK South Asian community.
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Editorial content spans politics, news, lifestyle, arts, culture and entertainment, beyond the stereotypical and encouraging interaction and dialogue with youth audiences also.Fuelled by the success of the Bradford edition in achieving recognition and fostering cross-community relations between the South Asian and wider, local communities, Fatima decided to introduce the newspaper to the Capital, launching in East London as a starting point, reaching its abundance of diverse communities alongside the local, South Asian community.

This was hugely supported by British Airways whose ethos matches that of Asian Sunday of building bridges and connecting communities and enterprise. Other supporters included members of Bradford Council, Mp’s Keith Vaz, Anas Sarwar, Yasmin Qureshi, David Ward with a tribute and honour to fellow Bradfordians Kimberley Walsh, Steven Frayne (aka Dynamo) and Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan.

You can view the London launch of the newspaper here.

Today Asian Sunday is a national brand coupled with it’s other title Asian Style Magazine (the free magazine that comes with the newspaper) and is distributed to over 200 businesses nationally, with a readership of over a million.

Asian Sunday has also become the lead when it comes to being a voice for the Asian community, with regular reference to Asian Sunday as well as appearances from our team in media outlets such as BBC Sunday politics, The Economist, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Independence and BBC Look North.