We have reached the end of the year for 2018, and the New Year begins tomorrow.

So that means, people will start listing their new year’s resolutions and start looking back at their best memories of 2018.

It is not always easy to stick to your resolutions or some prefer not to have one at all.

Common new year’s resolutions involve: quit smoking, quit chocolate, get healthier and fitter, to lose weight, save money, and more meaningful ones like being happy, or getting married.

According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, only 46% of people who made New Year’s resolutions were successful. That means over half of the people who set a goal for the new year will fail!

The intention to keep them is what really matters.

We at Asian Sunday spoke to the public in Bradford City Centre, at what their New Year resolutions were and what their highlight was this year in Bradford. Here is what they said:

Nicole Wood, Debenhams employee for Clarins said: “ My new year resolution would be to stick going to the gym and tone up”.

Speaking about Bradford she said: “In July, we won the ‘Team of the Year’ award in the whole region this year. That was definitely a highlight”.

Sheryaar Khan, Bradford University student said: “I hope to graduate next year with my degree and my best memory would be easygym opening in the city centre so I finally have no excuse to miss it now”.

Henna Ahmed, Sales representative told us: “Next year, I hope to live my life how I want to and not let others bring me down. I don’t want to regret anything. In terms of what has happened in 2018, the Illuminate Show in Centenary Square was probably the best festival that has been brought to Bradford. The whole show  was spectacular!”.

Ben Khalil, said: “My aim for 2019 is to get out into the community more and give back. Especially to the elderly. To try and help them out with the smallest gestures, can go a long way, for example, help with their shopping or their gardening. And another resolution as a runner would be to complete a full marathon ”.

“The highlight for me was seeing the collective spirit at the Epilepsy 10K marathon in Bradford. The whole community came together to keep fit. The support was incredible. Another highlight for Bradford as a whole is the growth in business and wealth. There are new restaurants, desert bars, retail stores opening, as well as the investment in the Bradford Broadway. It is great to see the city centre expanding”.

Charity worker, Hishaam Mohammed,  told us: “I want to start eating a lot healthier next year. With my job, it’s hard to maintain a balance and I usually get takeaways everyday! I also want to tackle any social issues within the community and help the homeless through the charity work I do.

“I honestly think Bradford has had an amazing range of amazing festivals and engagement events in the City Centre and Centenary Square, like the WOW Festival, the Bradford Literature Festival, Illuminate Lights. That is the main highlight. It brought people from different backgrounds and races together at the heart of Bradford”.

Do you have any memories of Bradford for 2018?

Let us know in our comments!