By Ninder Kaur

Oswald Primary School Students 2
Oswald Primary School students

Children and staff from St Oswald’s Primary Academy were invited to Headingley to perform the ‘Guard of Honor’ and lead the players out onto the pitch. The children waved large England flags as the England and Australian players entered the playing area.

Year 6 student, Anis Shaukat said: “It was Great fun! It was awesome being there with the flags and playing where the players played. Getting Yorkshire’s new signing David Willy’s autograph was amazing”.

The children stayed to watch the match and entertained the crowd at half time when they played a game of kwik cricket on the Headingley pitch.

Following the match, which England won, the children were able to stay and meet the players who signed autographs and posed for photographs.


Andrew Chadwick, Headteacher said: “It is amazing to be able to give the children of St. Oswald’s this once in a lifetime experience. It reflects what we are trying to do in opening new opportunities to children”

Neil Johnson, Parental Involvement Officer added: “It was an honour and privilege for the school for our children to be involved in an event of this magnitude.”

Oswald Primary School students 1