Samia Shahid a 28 year old beauty therapist in Bradford died in Pakistan last week as she was visiting relatives; her husband has claimed the cause of her death may be due to a honour killing.

She was visiting relatives in Pandori village near Mangla Dam and there have been claims her family were not happy about her marriage to someone outside the family. She married her husband Syed Mukhtar Kazam at Leeds Town Hall on 17 September 2014 and they both moved to Dubai.

Samia Shahid 2It is reported she flew to Pakistan on 14 July as she was told a relative was gravely ill and died the day before she was meant to come back.

People have taken to social media to express their views on the story.

“This time #SamiaShahid, when will all the cultural extremism end in #Pakistan”

“”Honour killing”? How can a culture be so utterly regressive and brutal that it thinks it is an honourable thing to do?”

“If this is indeed an honour killing of British citizen overseas, it must be investigated by British police ASAP”

“For god sake stop killing women #Pakistan”

People are also using the hash tag #WeAreMukhtar in respect to her husband.

West Yorkshire Police were informed of her death, a spokesperson for the force has said:

“A report was made to West Yorkshire Police last week regarding the alleged death of a 28 year old woman from Bradford in Pakistan.

“Following this report officers engaged with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, who have since confirmed her death.

“Enquiries are now continuing with the relevant authorities to establish the cause.”

According to the Guardian newspaper a source close to the family has said they believed she died after an asthma attack. But her husband has claimed her family were not happy and Samia herself has been to Bradford twice in the past year to persuade her parents to accept their marriage.

Labour councillor Sarfraz Nazir
Labour councillor Sarfraz Nazir

He received a call on Wednesday from one of Shahid’s cousins who said she had a heart attack and died. This was the day before she was meant to return. But Kazam has said how healthy and happy Samia was.

Mohammad Aqeel Abbas station house officer for Jhelum district, who is investigating the case, said a post-mortem was carried out immediately after the death. There were no visible injuries or signs of violence on her body.

Local Labour Councillor for Manningham Sarfraz Nazir has said: “It is all being investigated by the police and it is only fair to let them do their job and investigate it the fair way as both sides of the family are going through a hard time right now. Best thing to do now is to wait for the results.”