A Showstopping Look Inspired by Bollywood: Have you been scrolling through TikTok lately and noticed a captivating new makeup style taking over?

Image: Mari Maria on Tiktok

The spotlight is on the ‘Asoka’ aesthetic! Boasting over 160,000 TikTok posts tagged #Asoka, this craze features creators grooving to the tune of ‘San Sanana’ from the 2001 movie, Asoka, featuring Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor.

Forget elaborate recreations of the film! This trend cleverly utilises the infectious rhythm of “San Sanana” to create dynamic hand movements, seamlessly transitioning between scenes in their makeup tutorials. While some pay homage to Kareena Kapoor’s bold makeup choices with dramatic eyeliner and geometric designs, the trend isn’t solely about replicating the movie’s aesthetic. The results are stunning, showcasing a mesmerising blend of captivating visuals and the song’s energy.

A Blend of History and Beauty: This trend transcends mere makeup application. It pays tribute to the grandeur of the 3rd-century BC Mauryan era, while also celebrating the timeless beauty of traditional Indian wedding makeup. Users transform themselves into captivating Indian brides, channeling the spirit of Princess Kaurwaki, as portrayed by the ever-alluring Kareena Kapoor.

Image: thekyliecelebre on TikTok

Mini Masterpieces in Motion: These makeup videos are like miniature works of art unfolding before your eyes. Imagine a whirlwind of quick cuts, perfectly synchronised hand movements that dance to the music, and expressive faces that emote every step of the transformation. The creator wields bold colours like a master artist, transforming their canvas with intricate body art and vibrant palettes.

Warm hues and pops of colour create a dramatic effect, with the eyes taking centre stage. Thick black lines, whether kohl or eyeliner, frame luscious lashes, while the lids are adorned with a touch of gold or bronze for a touch of glam. Bold brows frame the face, and full, luscious lips are lined and finished with a glistening gloss or a vibrant lipstick.

The final touch? Flowing veils, adding a touch of ethereal grace and elegance, perfectly embody the essence of a timeless Indian bride.

A Commitment to Beauty: Be prepared for a dedication to artistry! Creating these mesmerising clips can be a time investment, with some makeup artists taking up to eight hours to film their transformations. Think of them as the ultimate “get ready with me” video – elevated and captivating.

Image: Lenie Avcardo on TikTok

A Universal Language: The “Asoka” trend transcends cultural barriers, proving that the love of makeup and music is a universal language. Creators from diverse backgrounds are embracing this trend, showcasing their creativity and celebrating the global influence of Indian culture on TikTok.

A Lasting Legacy: Fueled by the infectious “Asoka” sound, new videos continue to emerge. This trend shows no signs of slowing down, serving as a vibrant celebration of cultural heritage. Makeup and music join forces to evoke beauty and love, creating an enchanting blend of East and West on TikTok.