Emran Hashmi started his career in Bollywood films and came to the big screen after playing his role in “Murder”. He performed in Murder along with Malika Sherawat.
Recently he had some courage to bring himself out of his comfort zone and played some interesting roles on the big screen.
Tiger 3 is now collecting fame at the box office and is expected to be a hit film of the year. Emran has played the antagonist of Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan.
In Tiger 3, Emran is playing the role of antagonist Aatish Rehman who is an ISI agent. Before he took on the role of the antagonist, they were already working on this film for two to three years. The scale of the movie required everything to come together. According to the actor, the film represents a significant milestone, claiming the title of the biggest in terms of scale, featuring an impressive star cast, boasting substantial box office collections, and carrying the distinguished banner of YRF (Yash Raj Films). The positive response from the audience is a great validation of their efforts.