One of the UK’s oldest Asian Restaurant’ is set to appear on Len and Ainsley’s Big Food Adventure.

The Sweet Centre Restaurant, Bradford
The Sweet Centre Restaurant, Bradford

Bradford’s famous Sweet Centre, which opened its doors over 50 years ago, in 1964 serving Asian sweets and Asian cuisine to Yorkshire for the very first time was invited to join Strictly Come Dancing judge Len Goodman and famous Chef Ainsley Harriot to cook on their exciting show.

The show which airs on BBC One on Monday’s and is produced by Fresh One Productions looks at broadening Len’s palate. Whilst the ‘Strictly’ star enjoys his food, the food he loves and is accustomed to is good, old-fashioned grub like his Nan used to make.

In an introduction to the show, the producers describe that whilst the rest of the country’s palates have rapidly broadened over the last few decades – taking on exciting new flavours, recipes and cooking techniques – Len’s taste buds have stayed firmly in the realms of the past. He’s never tried curry, eaten spaghetti and even pizza seems exotic. Ever since he used a pancake to wipe his face, his family said enough was enough.

“Len needs to give his old-fashioned palate a wake-up call, but with so much choice out there, he doesn’t know where to start…Enter loveable top chef Ainsley Harriott. Ainsley is going to act as Len’s guide and mentor, as Len embarks on a culinary road-trip around Britain.”

And so this week they are in Bradford’s famous Sweet Centre, which specialises in Pakistani cuisine, something which Len has never tried.

Sweet Centre was the brain child of brothers, Abdul Rehman and Mohammed Bashir, who first launched the idea of setting up an eatery to serve the newly arrived Pakistani and Indian immigrants who were working in one of the city’s biggest textile mills across the road from the restaurant.

The eatery initially set up as a breakfast bar, serving traditional Asian breakfast, which consisted of a chick pea curry and grilled bread.

Today, the restaurant serves a wide range of Asian curries and delicacies as well as their famous Asian breakfast. The restaurant is managed by Waqar Mughal, the grandson of the founders.

“I am delighted that the legacy of my grandfathers is still going strong 50 years on, and being approached by the producers of the show is further testament of their hard work and great food.” Mr Mughal told Asian Sunday

“It has been an amazing experience cooking with Ainsley, as I have learnt so much from him and of course I gave him some of our cooking tips too. However, I can’t say too much about the show, but do watch the show on Monday” He added

So tune in to BBC One on Monday 23 November, at 345pm and find out if Len enjoys his first taste of a Pakistani curry.