An award winning former West Yorkshire Police inspector, whose mission is to unite communities, today announced a day of celebration to mark the values that we all share in common to put the ‘United’ back into the UK.

Kash Singh, the founder of One Britain One Nation, has organised the One Britain One Nation Day to take place on Friday 23 June.

Singh said: “This day will be an opportunity for all our children to showcase their love, pride and passion for our great nation. And a chance for our children to stand in solidarity with each other, to wave or fly the flag of our country for the kind, generous and tolerant people of our great nation.

“This would be the day to celebrate with vigour and pride and turn every school into Red, White and Blue as an insignia of the unity that is bound together by the thread of oneness nurtured from the love for our country and its people.”

Many schools across Bradford and West Yorkshire have already signed up.

His organisation, which has support from national treasure Joanna Lumley, aims to see a Great Britain once again, where everyone has a strong and a shared sense of belonging and is working together with a common purpose.

Singh, a former police inspector with a long career who has worked in Bradford and Leeds, says his time in inner city areas enabled him to see how society was lacking a vision and it became clear to him what was needed. He won a  Criminal Justice award for work in Manningham.

He said: “We all need to live in a society where everyone is pulling together to create a peaceful and respectful coexistence based on all that we share in common. It is tremendous that we have this opportunity to build on all the good we see in Bradford and Yorkshire.

OBON2Michael Jameson, strategic director, Children’s Services, at Bradford Council, said: “Bradford is the youngest, fastest growing population outside of London and our young people are our greatest asset. OBON builds on the great work across Bradford, promoting tolerance, understanding and valuing difference and diversity. These are key attributes our young people require to positively shape a prosperous and inclusive Britain.”

Dominic Wall, Chief Executive of Southfield Grange Trust & Chair of the Bradford School’s Forum, said: “The staff and students of Southfield and Grange schools in Bradford will be joining in enthusiastically on Friday 23rd of June here with One Britain One Nation, and wearing our red, white and blue with pride.

“This movement will grow quickly, as it speaks for the younger generation who want to belong to the great, British, tradition of an inclusive society, which recognises and respects individual identity, but also shapes the space that we all hold in common.

Sir James Hill, OBE, and Deputy Lieutenant of West Yorkshire, said: “One Britain One Nation embodies so much of what the various communities wish to see happening locally and regionally. It is particularly encouraging to see the project pursued here in Bradford and supported by our local schools and colleges with such enthusiasm. The ‘Call to Action’ on the 23rd of June presents another opportunity for our City to further this excellent initiative”

John Robins, Deputy Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police, said: “I am pleased to be able to support the launch of the ‘Call for Action’ as part of the Count Me In campaign. The launch formally marks the start of a period of reaching out to our schools and young people with an aim of creating a sense of pride and unity amongst them. Our communities are at their strongest when they are united and this launch aims to promote the fundamental British values with those youngest in society regardless of their background.”

Professor The Lord Patel of Bradford OBE “We are living in a time of unprecedented change as the country prepares for leaving the EU, and many people are experiencing feelings of uncertainty and fears about the future. Whatever the final outcome, we must do all we can to ensure that we remain a united country, celebrating our common history and values. This is especially important for our children and young people, and I fully endorse this year’s campaign for OBON and the vital focus on instilling and sustaining cohesion and togetherness for all our communities and especially amongst the young.

Andy Welsh, Chief Executive of Bradford College, said: “It is vital that our young people understand how they can contribute to a tolerant and inclusive community that has at its heart a core set of values and principles. This event offers the opportunity to build on the work done by One Britain One Nation to mark the Queen’s 90th Birthday by engaging with young people through schools. By talking about our shared values we can ensure that young people have a better sense of their place in society and how they can play a full and fruitful role in moving us all forward.’

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