A five point plan to achieve a decade of regeneration and economic growth in Bradford city centre will go before a meeting of the Council’s Executive on Tuesday February 10.

The Bradford City Plan sets out the outcomes the Council will pursue with its partners to create a vibrant, distinctive and attractive place where people are proud to live, set up business, study or visit.

The Plan has been drafted after consultation with stakeholders including Bradford University, Bradford College, West Yorkshire METRO, Bradford Property Forum, Bradford Chamber of Commerce, Bradford Breakthrough and Bradford Matters.

The five points are for Bradford city centre to become

* a place of dynamic business and entrepreneurship
* a centre of excellence for learning
* an exemplar of 21st century urban living
* a major transport hub
* a distinctive and attractive destination and experience

The City Plan will concentration on five key locations – Top of Town; Forster Square; Thornton Road; City Park Business/Culture Cluster and City Park Retail/Leisure Connection.

City Plan comprises a detailed technical report which sets out the issues and challenges facing the city centre and a rationale and action plan to address those challenges.

It also includes a prospectus which identifies the priority actions that the Council and its partners will be focussing on delivering and is aimed at potential investors, developers and partners.

City Plan is ambitious in its scope and includes a wide range of interventions and projects that will require significant co-ordination over the next ten years. The Plan not only includes physical projects but also actions around education, skills, improving links with the manufacturing and business sectors and effective management of the city centre.

It highlights the need to find new uses for vacant buildings, including bringing back into use older buildings as well as the revitalisation of the high street and the construction of new homes.

Bradford Council leader Coun David Green said: “We need a City Plan as whilst the Council will continue to have an important leadership and regulatory role in many of the projects, it is likely that an increasing number will be delivered through partners and the private sector as public sector funding reduces. It is a ten year plan and it will be adapted as progress is made.”

Colin Philpott, Chief Executive of Bradford Breakthrough, said: “The City Plan is a bold plan for the medium to long term further regeneration of the centre of Bradford as a place for people to do business, to learn, to visit and to live. It offers an ambitious but realistic vision for taking the city centre forward and includes some exciting ideas. The challenge now is for all of us to work with the Council to make it happen.”

Dr Mohammed Iqbal, Founder and Vice Chair of Bradford Matters, said:”The development of the City Centre has been one of the top priorities for Bradford Matters and so we welcome the City Plan as a professional and visionary document that will lead to tangible and visible results. It is crucial that Bradford Council has on-going engagement with all the Key Stakeholders throughout the lifetime of the plan and progress is monitored regularly. In this regard Bradford Matters and Bradford Breakthrough have agreed to work in partnership to provide full support in the implementation of the City Plan and we look forward to some great developments over the next few years”

It is recommended that the Council’s executive approve the City Plan and that it be taken forward for endorsement by the Producer City Place Board and Producer City Board.