Since October 2020, Luthfur from South Wales has been working as a Department for Work and Pensions Work Coach at the Carmarthen Jobcentre Plus. “I support people claiming Universal Credit who are 25+ to find employment and help them overcome any barriers they might face,” says Luthfur.

Prior to becoming a Work Coach, Luthfur worked for the South Wales Police where he supported families and young people around Swansea. Working with a range of health and social care professionals, Luthfur provided emotional and practical advice to families that were experiencing both short- and long-term difficulties.

This experience has helped him immensely in his role as a Work Coach as he’s able to quickly identify vulnerable people and provide specialist support where needed. “I support people who face many barriers,” shares Luthfur, “But mental health issues seem to be one of the biggest challenges at the moment.”

Luthfur says he comes across people who lead chaotic lifestyles and often lack the confidence to get back into work. “My job is to identify the best route for each individual that will benefit them the most in the long run,” he says. “It’s about making a meaningful change to people’s lives and supporting them in whatever way you can.” Luthfur believes most job seekers want to work,  but find themselves in different and sometimes difficult stages on their journey back into work.

To help job seekers overcome their confidence issues, Luthfur ensures they always feel comfortable. “I am friendly, empathetic, and non-judgemental,” he says, “And I always listen to people. That’s the best way to show people that you care; by understanding their circumstances and finding solutions that effectively meet their needs.”

“It may seem small,” continues Luthfur, “But recognising and celebrating even minor achievements really helps people with their self-confidence and allows them to progress.” Luthfur does this regularly in his role as a Work Coach and enjoys seeing his customers happy. “They feel appreciated,” he says, “And this allows them to open up more.”

Cultural awareness also plays a key part in Luthfur’s job as he believes it’s important to recognise that people come from different backgrounds thus face different challenges and expectations. “I work directly with certain groups that often face discrimination and so having an understanding of the obstacles they face enables me to provide tailored support,” says Luthfur.

Fluent in Bengali, Hindi and Urdu, Luthfur is able to communicate with people from diverse communities and understands their cultural nuances. “This helps me to easily connect with people from different backgrounds,” he says.

Luthfur’s advice to job seekers is to be enthusiastic, research companies, and to always tailor applications to the requirements of the job specification. “It can feel like a chore, especially if you’re applying to multiple jobs a day but taking a tailored approach will really help you in your job search,” he says.

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