The leader of Bradford Council, Councillor Susan Hinchcliffe, has paid tribute to the many people working across the district at Christmas time, whether caring for others, being prepared for emergencies or keeping our district safe.

Councillor Hinchcliffe said: “While many of us are taking a couple of days off to enjoy the festivities, a nucleus of dedicated individuals across the district spend their Christmas at work, or on standby.

“Care services cannot take a day off, and I’d like to thank all the Council staff, and those at organisations who work on our behalf, who have been supporting our most vulnerable adults and children during this time. Some of the services which never stop include residential care, emergency help for people at risk, helping people who are ill or disabled, and support for homelessness. Over this break our social care staff have in particular been helping people being discharged from hospital on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and supporting people suffering with mental health illness.

“Other Council ‘unsung heroes’, working while the rest of us are tucking into our Christmas pudding, include our CCTV control room team. With 349 on-street cameras around the district, and hundreds more inside buildings that we monitor when alarms are activated, our CCTV system helps provide reassurance that we are doing all we can to keep communities safe.

“Our winter weather team monitors the meteorological conditions and is ready to react with gritting or any other emergency response. And we have a brilliant core of ‘on call’ staff, including highways, street cleansing, emergency planning, environmental health, housing, buildings maintenance, drainage, communications – all ready to respond to any crisis that might emerge in the district.

“Not everyone celebrates Christmas of course and I would like to thank everyone who voluntarily takes on the Christmas shift, so that other colleagues that do observe the holiday can spend the festive period with loved ones.

“For those of you that do celebrate – thank you for giving up part of your Christmas to do your duty for your team and the people of our district. And thank you also to all the families, friends and loved ones waiting at home for your shift to end.

“Bradford Council works in partnership  and thousands of colleagues in the NHS, police, fire and rescue and other emergency services will also be hard at work. Thank you to all of you, for the difference you make to our communities.

“Christmas is now over for this year but with New Year still to come we will see another on call shift, with our committed crews once again holding the fort while others relax and celebrate. Thank you to all our unsung heroes helping keep the people of Bradford district safe during this festive period”.