British Airways celebrates its second anniversary at Leeds Bradford Airport with its 250,000th customer Terry Fisher.

Terry, founder and global CEO of marketing and publishing house Mapperarti UK Ltd, based in Leeds, frequently travels from the Yorkshire airport to connect with British Airways’ flights to California from Terminal 5, Heathrow.

image003In the two years since British Airways started flying from Leeds Bradford, the airport has the second highest number of customers transferring from UK domestic flights onto connecting British Airways services from Heathrow.

Customers have the choice of connecting with over 120 European and worldwide British Airways flights from its flagship home in Terminal 5.

Said Terry Fisher: ”Running a worldwide travel company I need to regularly fly across the Atlantic to Los Angeles and the British Airways services from Leeds Bradford connecting through Terminal 5 have transformed the way I travel from Yorkshire. There is no doubt that British Airways services are now benefitting a wide number of regional businesses who need to gain quick and convenient access to global markets.”

Tony Hallwood, Leeds Bradford Airport aviation development director said: ” British Airways’ services to Heathrow from Leeds Bradford Airport offer a wide range of connections whether travelling on business or leisure. Business travellers and major corporates across the city region are increasingly using the connections via Terminal 5 and we are pleased to celebrate that over 250,000 passengers have now flown on this service over the last two years. ”