By Hebron Reporter Rula AlHalaiqa

After hearing on our news channels that the British Parliament were about to vote on an historic motion to recognise Palestinian statehood alongside Israel many of us couldn’t at first believe what we were hearing. Irrespective of the outcome, simply the fact that this debate was taking place was a huge uplift for the people of Palestine. I invited some local Palestinian youth groups along with members of the Palestinian community to share their views with me.

The news of the British Parliament motion was widespread it seems local politicians, journalists and citizens were highly discussing this topic. The majority of them expressed the importance of this vote and its effectiveness at an international level because Britain is considered an important country in the international system.

Although the Balfour Declaration (1917), which in my opinion and of many Palestinians too considers the Palestinians a crime against them, but the fact that there is a true shift in the way people are seeing Palestinians and to realise real change that has occurred at the level of the British people, whereby the British public have come out in huge numbers to campaign against the horrific killing of innocent lives in Gaza.

Regardless of the government’s position post the overwhelming majority (274-12) of voting to recognise Palestinian state, here we welcome the noble action of the politicians who voted in favour for our independence.   

For a change we are delighted as this act from the British public has given us hope and positive attention as clearly evident from the reports through the daily news in news agencies and publications on Facebook and other social networking sites, where many people commented on it and was the link between this decision and the community events and demonstrations by the British when exposed to the Gaza war.

Here are the views of other Palestinians.

Taha  abu hussien


Britain is part of the international system, and vote for the recognition of the State of Palestine has many considerations, most notably with regard to the historical injustice perpetrated on the Balfour Declaration, in addition to opening the door to gangs Jewish seizure of Palestine since the Basel Conference until the 1948 war and devote their existence a state of occupation.

Also Britain throughout history and conflict existential were supportive both directly and indirectly to Israel, and thus recognition of Palestine from Britain and other European countries is of great importance, especially in the diplomatic side and the political, which would open the door least, though not with the power to influence and pressure on the occupation through Britain and other countries with the decision to establish the eligibility Palestine statehood.

On the ground confession Britain will not change the scales, but it will leave another window of the Palestinian leadership to be stronger in the criminalisation of the occupation and the imposition of pressure on the Israeli occupation, thus tying them internationally.

Saud Mohanna

 movie director

Britain developed nation culturally and humanly It states that sponsor human rights but did not grant our rights as Palestinians do not ever forget that it is of planted body Israeli Palestine in 1948, and do not forget the Balfour Declaration, which dispersed the Palestinians in all parts of the ground so I hope that you think of British parliamentarians and working to repair the crime they have committed against the Palestinians, and that the vote in favour of Palestine and recognise the rights of the Palestinian people even make amends for their mistakes and will count them this vigil.

Although we as a people, we Palestinians for the British people respect and appreciation.

Sahar  Al zamareh

Educational supervisor

The British Parliament’s vote in favor of the establishment of the State of Palestine is part of a big right to Britain, which resulted in the occupation of Palestine and the State of the Zionists planted in our country and deprived us of our ancestors and deprived of our freedom and our land and our holy places and exercised maximum means of oppression and racism against us.

Britain should offer a lot to atone for her sin direction of the Palestinians.

Establishment of a state does not have the limits of global incomplete sovereignty without the slightest degree of the elements of the economy, and it requires a lot of effort and more of the bold steps the British government.

Dalal Manasrah


I think that the British parliament’s vote is a very positive step and proof of a significant change in the international political system, which supports the right of Palestinians to establish their independent state and alleviate the pressure experienced by individuals every day with the occupation.

The international voices escalate to hear the voice of the Palestinian and achieve justice despite his violations carried out by Israel.

Glanced up and said that many analysts said the parliamentary vote is a formality and that the British government supports Israel’s Supreme.  However there is a quantum leap that confirms that the British public is walking towards the Palestinian sense of pulse.

Proof of my words, that there are large groups in British society who have humanitarian values and are trying hard to defend Palestine through journalistic writing or demonstrations or protests, and this is what we witnessed when the whole world has recently signed a war on Gaza.

Must do justice to what is happening now, away from years past that reminds us of the Balfour Declaration, which is the promise of black and fought for the Palestinians.

Mohammad  shahin


A vote of the British Parliament to recognise the state of Palestine, which is not binding for the British government by the British Constitution as well as the recognition of other countries such as Sweden and probably will be the confessions after another from the majority of countries in the world and this serves as the formation of international public opinion compressor for the recognition of Israel and the United States later this State.

And do not forget that all the countries that voted against Palestine is a non-member, you may recognise the state of Palestine on the 1967 borders – but all this has no real value without the consent of America on it, and it is known that it cannot impose a political reality anywhere in the world without resolution of the UN Security Council – and became dramatically clear the administration’s position in the Security Council because it would oppose any move to recognise Palestine where they want it through a bilateral agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.

In short, these moves and confessions may be only means of public opinion pressure on influential countries in the Security Council and especially America, and long experience has taught us that it cannot be achieved anything without the consent of America and therefore Israel.

I think that the American administration will in the near time, pressing both sides to return to negotiations and perhaps with the implementation of some of the facilities of the Israelis to encourage the Palestinian side to negotiate.

Worood Halwani


Not with this vote because it does not have a formal and real results and Britain supports Jews for many years.

How to Britain now that are supporting us and previously unknown from our land granted to the occupation

We must take our right as Palestinians ourselves and stability on this earth until we have complete freedom.

But there is a position of a popular British groups deserves recognition and respect.

Dima nimer


I think this is a great step and I hope there will be a corporation between Palestine and British

If British , France ,and Sweden accept ,I think there will be more countries will vote