Police are warning people in Bradford to protect their personal banking details after two people were victims of a bank card scam.

The victims were contacted on their landlines or mobile phones by fraudsters pretending to be from the police.

On 23 January, a 33-year-old man from Bradford received a call from a man claiming to be a police officer. He asked the victim for his account details and Personal Identification Number (PIN) and was later contacted by his bank to say that £1,200 had been withdrawn from his account.

On 25 January, a 41-year-old man from Bradford was contacted by a man claiming to be a police officer. The man told him his account had been defrauded and asked for his bank details. A man later attended the man’s home address to collect the card and £300 was subsequently taken from the victim’s bank account.

Four victims in Huddersfield have also reported similar incidents, which are currently being investigated by Kirklees CID.

PC Toni Hinnells, from Bradford CID, said “The police would never ask someone for their banking details or call someone to speak about suspected fraudulent activity on their bank account.

“If you receive one of these calls and you’re still not sure whether it’s genuine, put the phone down and contact your bank separately. They should be able to confirm if they are aware of any suspected fraud with your account.

“I would advise people not to disclose their personal details online and to make sure that any personal banking documentation is shredded before being thrown away.

“I would also advise them to report any of these calls, or similar, to Action Fraud on 0300 1232040.

“If you’re still not sure, you can contact the police for advice on 01274 376562 between 8am and 3pm Monday to Friday, or call 101 at any time and we will get back to you.”