Just a day after the announcement was made that director Shankar would be collaborating on a Hindi remake of ‘Anniyan’, producer V Ravichandran of Ascar Films has sent a legal notice to the director with regards to indulging in “unlawful acts”.
In the notice, Ravichandran states that he owns the rights to the Anniyan story as the producer of the original Tamil film.

“I am utterly shocked to know, that, you are likely to undertake the Direction of a Hindi film by adopting the story of the movie Anniyan. You are well aware of the fact that, I am the Producer of the said movie Anniyan. The entire story rights was purchased by me from the writer Sujatha (alias late Rangarajan) for which full payment was done by me to him and necessary records are also available. I am the whole and sole owner of the rights of the storyline. As such, any such adoption or remaking or copying the main plot of the said movie, without my permission, is totally illegal (sic),” Ravichandran stated in the letter that was addressed to Shankar along with the legal notice.

The scathing letter states quite clearly that Ravichandran is asking for production to be stopped on the film immediately in order to avoid legal issues.

It was only yesterday that news broke that Shankar would collaborate with Ranveer Singh. News of the project went viral and many were excited to see what this remake held in store.

The original starred Vikram in the titular role and revolved around a person with multiple personality disorder seeking social justice. It was released in 2005 and was a commercial and critical success.