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Slow Race for the Labour Leadership  

One thing is for sure, under the reformed rules adopted from proposals made in the Collins Report, the election process to appoint the new leader of the Labour party will be shorter than it was when old Ed was appointed.

However, we would all be forgiven for thinking that it’s taking the party an awful long time in appointing one of it’s ‘Fantastic Four’ to lead the party that will win the next general election.

There is a near enough feeling of déjà vu of 5 years ago when Labour had a fairly strong line up of Miliband, Miliband, Balls and Burnham, fighting it out for pole position. ‘near enough’ has to be emphasised because the line up needs to be strong enough to be a credible threat to the Tories at the next General Election. Otherwise we are likely to see David Cameron forget his pledge to quit as leader of the Tories and perhaps come back in an exhibition match to gain another five years as Prime Minister.

In order to understand the current crop of hopefuls it is only fair that I also give my belated yet brief pocket guide assessment of Ed’s successors;

Andy Burnham High Res
Andy Burnham bookies number one contender for Labour leadership

Andy Burnham, the MP for Leigh and the Shadow Health Secretary has already taken a shot at the leadership post in the previous race. Seen by members with Labour as ‘ Continuity Miliband’ Burnham is of the same cut of fabric as Ed. To give Burnham credit he does have a vastamount of experience under his belt. Since 2006 he has experience in various shadow positions in which he has performed well.  Although Burnham is the bookies favourite to succeed Ed we have to remember came fourth in a four horse back in the summer of 2010. This would inadvertently bring into question the overall calibre of the current crop of hopefuls. Dare I say…the worst of last time happens to be the best of this time, so God help Labour. There, I said it.

Liz Kendall
‘Liz Kendall MP for Leicester West seen as representative of Blairite Right of the Party’

Liz Kendall, the heavily fiscal focused and ambitious MP of Leicester West is seen as representative of the Blairite right of the party. Theoretically this is whom the Tories would LEAST likely to see as the next leader of the opposition.  Kendall’s dreams on becoming the Prime Minister are largely made up reaching out to the middle class Tory voters. Some would say that she is almost replicating what the Conservative outlook is on running the country. One thing is for sure, the way team Kendall have conducted their affairs in a bullish manner has drawn in criticism from the old guard within Labour.

Jeremy_Corbyn credit wikipedia
Jeremy Corbyn ‘the Labour stick of rock”

Jeremy Corbyn, the veteran MP for Islington North is the Labour stick of rock. Not only will he bleed red when you cut him, but Labour is written through him. Unfortunately you’ll find the font type may well be Lucida Calligraphy of old school Labour. Something that may not help win the next election. Corbyn is an amazing, pacifist individual who is so far left that that he travels on the hard shoulder of politics. Support for Corbyn is coming from an unlikely camp of Conservative members and even MP’s. As far as the Tories are concerned Labour will be repeating the same mistake from five years ago if Corbyn is to be elected. Making life a little easier for the Tories to repeat their successes of 2015.

Yvette Cooper, Shadow Home Secretary second favourite for Labour leadership

Yvette Cooper, is the shadow home secretary and the MP for Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford. Cooper is tough, very intelligent with immense passion but she lacks self-belief. Cooper has all of the raw ingredients for a leader in the making and by all means should have been the favourite with the bookies, as it stands she is second favourite. However the likelihood of being overtaken by both Cobyn and Kendall is more of a threat than Cooper overtaking Burnham. A visit to a lifestyle coach for some self-empowering is in order as she is definitely underselling herself.

There you have my rough guide to the Labour leadership. If you feel a little underwhelmed then you are not alone. The vacant position of the leadership isn’t exactly brimming with top talent from within the party, however it can be said the party does consist of some great raw talent ready to be developed towards leadership as long as the training programme consists of modules covering assertiveness, charisma and setting direction.

This briefly leads me onto the other race that’s currently being ran within Labour, the one for deputy leadership. The 5 candidates (Bradshaw, creasy, Eagle, Flint & Watson) are another set of nice guys that will also make nice candidates for a future leaders role. I can see how the Tories will once again smugly sit there awaiting for the next one to bite the dust.

Please Labour, do yourself a favour…..and toughen up.