We all know Juggy D back from the early 2000’s where he created a new Urban Indian genre into the music scene. He topped the UK national charts with his first Punjabi language album which won the hearts of many.

Juggy D is known for breaking the dance floor with his catchy songs and bhangra-jams and his fusion between Indian and hip-hop music. Now Juggy D, real name, Jagwinder Singh Dhaliwal, has released his latest track “Get Down” featuring Rishi Rich and Ikka, currently in the top ten in the radio charts in India and has over 10 million hits.

It might look like Juggy D is back with a bang with his latest song, but he claims he never really gave up his enthusiasm for music: “I never really left the music scene. I took a gap because family is very important. I got married and I had children. I wanted to give my full commitment”.

With success from his older urban beat songs such as “Sohniye” and “Billo”, Juggy D’s life transformed, and the response was massive. “I didn’t know it was going to blow up like it did, we didn’t know that we were going to be touring all over the world, top of the pops. We just made a song in the studio, We had no idea what journey it was going to take us. It was phenomenal”.

Since he rose to stardom, the Punjabi artist from Southall in London, has had numerous crossover singles with musicians such as Madonna, Ricky Martin, Mary J Blige and Craig David, whilst adding a punjabi spice. As well as releasing a number of film soundtracks such as “Balle Balle ft Veronica Mehta” in the movie Bride and Prejudice and a title song “Mubarakan” for the movie. However, he is still rocking the music scene with his latest release “Get Down”

“I don’t drink or party anymore, I’ve gone through the stage of my life. When I’m at home, I’m completely committed as a husband and a father. I don’t find music and family life very difficult”

“I was always working but I was trying to find the right deal and the right way to present the body of work. Three years ago we did a song called Freak with Rishi, around that same time, we recorded seven songs in six days, which was meant to come out soon after the freak track but Rishi ended up moving from Atlanta to Mumbai. His sound changed and he didn’t want to release them songs. As an artist it was very frustrating, I was sitting on a lot of music and I felt like I needed to get that music out. I didn’t have new material in the market at the time. But everything happens for a reason. Universal heard a song and wanted to release it. We soon released Get Down which was signed to Universal Music and the response has been incredible”.

The Indo-British singer has collaborated with Rishi Rich on a number of songs which have been applauded for redefining the British Asian underground music that first set off their careers over a decade ago. Both singer and producer have remained close since, “Rishi was the first person I ever worked with. Me and him have a natural chemistry and bond. We’re brothers and family. We don’t just make music, we chill together, eat together. I live with him when I go Mumbai. There is always that spark there which is very organic, even with Jay Sean. It’s something that we’ve been doing for many years”.

Having a big music career and being a father of two seems like a struggle but not for Juggy D. He tells us: “It’s just about having the right balance. Everyone has those two different stages of life. Right now I’m at a stage where I’m a father of two children. We also have another one of the way, so I’m going to be a father of three soon.

“The new release is made me busier and given me a lot of work. Before I’d take time on my tours spending days in the cities, now I go on tour, and I will only be there for the time I need to be there. The moment I’m done, I’m on a plane and I’m back home”.

However, being a father comes with large responsibility. We asked the singer if he’s going to be careful about what songs he writes in the future being a father of two girls.

“I have done songs that are conscious tracks, I did a song called Nasha (Intoxication) and the effects of it. That was many years ago on my first album. I do songs that connect with people in different ways. I don’t really do songs that offend people, my music will make people smile and happy. And I think that works for me”.

All have witnessed the growth of the rap culture over the years and Juggy D has been a part of that. The must-have bonafide hit song “Get Down” is available now on YouTube and iTunes.

What is next for this urban Desi legend? Who knows. We will have to keep an eye out.