By Ninder Kaur

After months of eagerly awaiting fans, Bilal dropped his new single which already topped the iTunes chart within a couple of hours of its release.

Bilal talks to me following the release of his newly anticipated single Kaash, and finally puts those Yo Yo Honey Singh collaboration rumours to rest.


Tell us a bit about the single- Kaash?

The first song I came up with was “Bara Saal” and then after that it was “Adhi Raat” which made me famous.  The fans who were following me from the beginning have been asking me to come up with something similar to Bara Saal- an emotional love song. Since I have been making more happening dance tracks like “Lethal Combination” I wanted to make sure that this song was for the fans that started following me from day one.

What has the response been like so far?

So far, I can say the response has been the best it has ever been. Fans have been telling me how excited they have been about the new release and how they have been looking forward to hearing it. It has already managed to reach Number 1 on iTunes on the first day of the release and has already got thousands of views on YouTube.


What made you become a singer?

The love for music was always there. I used to sing other people’s songs from a really young age. I was in high school when I started writing songs. It took 6 to 7 years working in the studio as a composer and lyricist before anything really came of it. Music was the one thing I actually felt comfortable doing. There was no option B for me.


What is your biggest achievement?

Because I belong to Pakistan, the support from family wasn’t there in the beginning. I struggled for 8 to 10 years. I composed songs for so many other singers. So for me, the recognition I am getting now from people is a blessing. Just getting great love and response from the fans is the biggest achievement for me.


Are you and Honey Singh collaborating?

Almost a year ago, Yo Yo Honey Singh approached me. We met in Dubai and then we had 2-3 days worth of studio sessions. We planned to do a couple of tracks together which are in the pipeline. I am really surprised how the media found out about it because I never told anyone, but yes it is happening.


Is creating Bollywood songs a direction you want to go in?

For any Asian artists Bollywood is a dream. I have done my debut song in a Bollywood movie which is coming up very soon. My role in Bollywood can best be described as being a playback singer. They are all Hindi songs.  Bollywood is something which I will definitely consider.  The name of the song is “Mohabbat Yeh” but the name of the film has not yet been decided.


Any advice for aspiring artists in Bradford?

The only thing that can help you out is your hard work, pure intentions and you have to have faith in your God and yourself. If you have all that then nobody can stop you.


How do you balance your family life with your career?

The dream was there to be a famous singer and perform to an audience. I never realised that there would be this much travelling involved, so I think that is the most difficult thing. It is hard.

I am not really a social person the only thing I do is music. Then whatever time I get, I spend with my family.


What can we expect from Bilal Saeed in the future?

I want to do something revolutionary in music so I can connect people, so 2015 is going to be my year. You can expect all the bangers, the achievements, the international collaborations and my Bollywood debut.

I am looking to tour around India, Pakistan, England, America. The UK is my second home so I will be here soon, hopefully in a month or two’s time.


bilal 4


Quick Fire Round


Bhangra or Bollywood?  Bollywood

Favourite Place in the World is: Pakistan. I love my country so much.

Favourite Food is:  Biryani

Last song you listened to was: Kaash. I was listening to it in my car

Favourite Film is: Veer Zaara

Favourite Hobby is: Music, Music, Music

Celebrity Crush: It was Angelina Jolie. Katrina Kaif

Dream Collaboration:  At the moment, I am looking forward to the one with Honey Singh

How do you relax away from work? Spending time with my family is the most relaxing time. Music isn’t always work for me, so when I am sitting down in my studio and composing music that is my relaxation time. I also like going to the gym too.

If you weren’t making music what would you be doing?  I would probably be a Maulvi (Islamic teacher). But I think music was the only thing I was meant to do. There were no other options.


“Kaash” released on the 29th January and is available to download now.