By Ninder Kaur

A niece of Geoffrey Brindley has come forward following an appeal for relatives following his death aged 88.

After weeks of appealing and no one coming forward,  Bradford Coroner’s Office said yesterday that someone had contacted them.


Jesus Man
Picture: Geoffrey Brindley aka Bradford Jesus Man

Mr Brindley died on August 24 at Bradford Royal Infirmary, 11 days after being taken ill at his home in Baildon. It was after Geoffrey had fallen down the stairs and was being treated in hospital after suffering a stroke.

A spokesman said: “One niece has come forward. I believe there are other family members about, but we are not aware of anyone else coming forward.”

Plans for Mr Brindley’s funeral are also reliant on the coroner’s progress. They are still waiting for some comeback from the coroner to say he is content and so that they can move forward to an inquest.

The spokesman said: “Once we have a date to set up the inquest then they can progress to the funeral. At this stage we are not in a position to open an inquest. Once we have all the answers we would look to open an inquest and release the body for a funeral.”

Mr Brindley’s death is not being treated as suspicious.

A spokesperson for Bradford Cathedral said: “Once we have been given the go ahead by the coroner, it is only then that we can fulfil the family’s wishes on their decision as to what to do.”