The first trailer for A.R. Rahman’s next project, ’99 Songs’, is out. A musical love story with music at its soul, the romance film will see A.R. Rahman’s first venture as both co-writer and producer. The trailer, which was released today (March 23), gives a glimpse into the magical and musical world of the film along with some breathtaking visuals.

99 Songs marks director Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy’s first foray into cinema. With ’99 Songs’, music maestro Rahman also introduces a new powerhouse talent, actor Ehan Bhat, who makes his debut opposite actor Edilsy Vargas in the musical film.

The trailer sees Bhat as an up-and-coming musician who falls in love. However, this does not look to be the typical gushy romance story, as the trailer features quite a lot of action and intensity, with a car crash and fight scenes littered throughout the second half of the clip.

To celebrate the release of the trailer, AR Rahman posted a video on his social media today introducing the dashing Ehan Bhat to the world of movies with the musical romance 99 Songs along with Jio Studios.

Welcoming Ehan in the video, the music legend said, “Here’s presenting Ehan Bhat who comes from the land of Kashmir, a place of great beauty & cultural legacy. He learnt to play the piano at our conservatory for a year and is entering the world of cinema as a lead in 99 songs and I hope you love him as we do”.

99 Songs will release in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu on 16th April, 2021. Presented by Jio Studios, the film is produced by A.R. Rahman’s production company YM Movies and co-produced by Ideal Entertainment.

Check out the trailer below.