Javed Husain, Media Director and Saad Al Saraf, CEO presented the awards. Image: Royce Da costa.

A first-of-a-kind event that took place on Friday 17 June in London, was organised to acknowledge the hard work of media and content partners, with Londoners enjoying the start of summer, Mediareach Advertising started everyone’s weekend on a highly memorable note.

Founded in 1986, Mediareach pioneered advertising to diverse and cultural audiences, through unique segmentation, content creation, and amplification to build a brand presence with cultural communities in the UK and globally.

The event took place at The Dilly Hotel, Madhu’s Mayfair, the award-winning restaurant in Central London and represented a heartfelt thank you and praise to the multicultural collaborations held for over 37 years of success today.

Celebrating how the media had a challenging role to play and critical messages to convey, over the past two years, showing great resilience and a real commitment to every partnership opportunity with Mediareach Advertising.

The event acknowledged and awarded the people behind the best-of content reminding everyone about the exceptional campaigns that made it to the people despite all and was followed by a remembrance that honoured those who lost their lives during the pandemic.

CEO of the company, Saad Al Saraf said “At Mediareach Advertising, multicultural media partnerships are a unique proposition of ours. A big part of the work we do, from bespoke content to omnichannel marketing, goes back to the dedication of our media partners.

“For that, we have come together to celebrate the diversity, cultural insights, tonality, inclusivity, and relevance in content and media planning.”

Media houses from across the UK were gathered to discuss the challenges of the diverse media industry and plan for better collaboration opportunities in the future.

Editors, journalists, producers, and different stalwarts of the media family found it a great setting to strengthen their connections and build new ones while enjoying pleasant music, excellent cuisine choices, and photos to remember.

The Media Director, Javed Husain, added “We wanted to gather our influencers, writers, media professionals, and creatives who regularly help produce relevant content to highly diverse audiences in the UK and globally.

“They deserve acknowledgement as the behind-the-scenes heroes of great omnichannel campaigns we have produced and broadcasted with efficient results.”

Leading figures from the ethnic media industry also received awards and accolades for their contribution to developing multicultural media partnerships in the UK.

The company’s integrated, multicultural advertising hive keeps moving forward and working harder towards the most consolidated partnerships that can achieve desired advancements across the ethnic media landscape.