Philip Martin's
Philip Martin’s

Philip Martin’s is what I can only describe as one of the coolest concepts that has been brought to the city of Bradford. It is an experience like no other. The tranquil atmosphere, impressive décor and state of the art furnishings and equipment takes you back from the moment you walk through the salon doors- leaving you to question ‘Am I really in Bradford?’


Located on Cheapside (a perfect location with the new Westfield well on its way to opening), the new salon which specialises in hair care and skincare shuns bright lights and the usual bustle of a high street salon with an oasis of calm, beautifully decorated in a contemporary style complete with glistening spotlights and neutral tones. The lights are slightly soft, creating a warm glow that makes the atmosphere that much more relaxing. A lounge area with ample seating sets the scene at the front of the salon while the back takes shape in the form of treatment rooms and a largely spacious hairdressing area.


The salon also boasts a further second floor with a balcony that overlooks the reception area from the salon’s very exclusive bridal suite and a women’s only area – a complete first for a salon in Bradford.

Bridal Suite
Bridal Suite

The brand offers a number of products that have been created through the use of natural and organics derived ingredients. They have been integrated with chemical non-toxic substances to help restore and rejuvenate your skin/hair giving it that additional nutrition and protection it needs. All the products serve a dual purpose. For example, the candles were not only lit all around the salon for tranquil purposes but could also be used as a moisturiser. The same could be said about the shampoos that could be used as a facewash. All the products can be mix and matched. For any customers that may suffer from any skin problems like damaged skin, then there are specially designed treatments to help.



With my salon tour complete, I was ushered to a rather impressive massage chair and was told that every customer should experience. Whilst having my head massage and what felt like a full body massage given to me by the chair, I was in a state of complete relaxation…almost forgetting that I was here to do a review. I was then offered a hair styling treatment. Before opting for a blow dry, my long tresses were introduced to Philip Martin’s very own unique natural organic products. The shampoo and conditioner have been designed to regenerate and revitalise your scalp’s skin, to ensure better hair growth and give immediate and long lasting hydration. And that’s exactly what it did. It took my desert-dry hair and completely transformed it into the model head of hair- glossy, healthy and voluminous.


Whilst this whole process was on its way, I couldn’t help just observing the vibe – everywhere I looked there were stylish clientele with stunning hair and all of the stylists were clearly so passionate about interpreting their clients brief and personal style. The hospitable staff was a further factor to making the Philip Martin’s brand an enjoyable experience.


Philip Martin's Products
Philip Martin’s Products

Despite by great experience and awe of the salon, a colleague of mine tried the products at home and was not as impressed as me. Aalia said: “ The antioxidant skin cream was nice to use and smelt quite fresh. However, I did not prefer it to my everyday Nivea cream, which I have now gone back to. Unfortunately I will not be using this again.

I also tried the Babassu Wash and Rinse. I wasn’t very keen on them as I felt that my hair felt quite dry after washing it. This is the first time I have tried organic products and wasn’t very satisfied with the results. For anyone who does like organic products then I suggest Philip Martin’s for them. As for me, I will be returning back to my normal products.”


The new Philip Martin’s salon is the first in the UK representing an international Italian-based brand.

Although Philip Martin may be made in Italy, I do hope it flourishes in Bradford.

The salon opened on 5th March 2015 and is located on Cheapside Bradford, BD1 4HR. Call 01274739092 for bookings.