By Ayyaz Malik

The Muslim month of Ramadan ( holy month for Muslims who will fast from sunrise to sunset over 30 days) has now come to an end and celebrations are in full swing for Eid Ul Fitr.

Hashim Ahmed (Right), Abdur Rahim Ibrahim (Middle), Khizar Ibrahim (Left) volunteered on the day to ensure the event went smoothly.
Hashim Ahmed (Right), Abdur Rahim Ibrahim (Middle), Khizar Ibrahim (Left) volunteered on the day to ensure the event went smoothly.

So how does one celebrate Eid Ul Fitr? What people do on Eid varies, just like Christmas for example or any other respective religious festival.

Some people go to Wilmslow Road, Manchester to restaurants while others just savour this day to spend with their families. A mosque in Altrincham however ¬†decided to brighten up Eid by holding a ‘Summer fair’ on Saturday for the local community of Altrincham. ¬†Altrincham Muslim Association ( AMA) held a spectacular ‘Summer Fair’ with hundreds attending from all faiths and backgrounds.

The event was a huge success not only with the local Asian community but with the wider community too. People of many faiths were in attendance to enjoy the activities such as Go-Karting and bouncing on the bouncy castle ( I wish I was a kid again).

A Fair wouldn’t be a Fair if there weren’t any stalls, and there were plenty of stalls. Stalls such as toys for children, sweets, food and calligraphy framework, educational stalls, henna, hair and beauty and so much more.

As much as the event was about bringing happiness to people’s faces so they could appreciate the magic of Eid, Altrincham Muslim Association also had several doctors on site to conduct routine health checks. Health checks never go a miss and I guess with health you can never take that for granted, especially with illnesses like diabetes common within the Asian community.

The celebrations as fun as they were also maintained the charitable spirit of raising funds for the people of Africa, a reminder of the end of fasting and being grateful of all that we have compared to the less fortunate.

Mr Amjad Latin who is the secretary of the Altrincham Muslim Association said: “Great event for the community to come together and enjoy a day out. Allah (God) blessed us with a nice day.”

Before the Fair begun, special Eid prayers were offered on the sports field at the nearby St Ambrose College, this followed with a special Eid breakfast consisting of spicy Chick peas with Puri’s (similar to chappatis, but fried in oil rather than baked). Most certainly Bonn Appetite

Great work from Altrincham Muslim Association, may we have more of the same please, especially that Eid breakfast.