By Ninder Kaur

This week, a seven van convoy packed with donated food, clothes, hygiene items and sleeping bags, departed from Amir Khan’s community gym and be take on a 2,000 mile journey to Athens.


Amir Khan, founder of Amir Khan Foundation, teamed his Foundation up with international aid charity Penny Appeal to bring much needed aid to refugees, who are arriving on the shores of Greece with nothing more than the clothes they are wearing.

 Amir Khan and Wasim Akhtar Director at Penny Appeal
Amir Khan and Wasim Akhtar Director at Penny Appeal

The convoy reached Athens on Friday, where Amir Khan was joined by volunteers to distribute the items by hand to those in desperate need.


Amir Khan said, “It’s heartbreaking to see images of children losing their lives as their families flee from devastating conflict.

“What’s even more disturbing is knowing that many more lives will be lost unless we provide urgent aid to these refugees who don’t have anyone to turn to.

“I’m just amazed at how many people came together to donate so much and it just shows how generous and kind the British public really ­­are.”


After the distribution in Athens, Amir travelled with a group of volunteers to the Island of Lesbos and delivered more items, with the help of Penny Appeal, which the public have made financial contributions for, like food, tents and sleeping bags.

Adeem Younis, Chairman at Penny Appeal, added, “Every day, refugees arrive on the shores of Europe after surviving a horrendous journey after fleeing from violence and other unspeakable circumstances.

“The items we can provide will make a real difference, giving people hope as they take the first step on the path towards safer lives.

“We’re delighted to be working with Amir Khan and his Foundation on this life-saving project and call on people across the UK to get involved.”


Volunteer, Zarafshaan Hussain from Bradford said: I saw the huge amount of donations people were giving and it warmed by heart. Having worked for the charity in the past, I knew how much more work needed to be done so I wanted to help PennyAppeal and get as much of the donations to the refugees as quick as possible. The days were very busy with so much to do and more donations arriving every hour. We were sorting through the clothing and making bags and packs for when they got to Greece.”

People can still donate towards the aid convoy campaign, with any money raised going towards the purchasing of items like food and shelter, which will be distributed in places like the Island of Lesbos, where over a thousand refugees are arriving every day.