The much-anticipated Ranbir Kapoor and Sandeep Reddy Vanga project, ‘Animal,’ has become the talk of the town this season. Set for a grand trailer release on November 23, the film’s storyline remains a well-kept secret, designed to captivate audiences with every shocking twist and turn.

A focal point of immense interest in ‘Animal’ is Bobby Deol’s character, which has generated considerable buzz. Though the teaser’s brief glimpse ignited discussions on social media, it barely reveals the immense menace his character will bring to the movie.

Why the intrigue? A source shared a unique trait: Bobby’s character, a mute villain, wields terror in the film sans a spoken word, adding a distinctive dimension to the narrative.

Surprising, isn’t it? This exemplifies Sandeep’s strategy for ‘Animal,’ a project filled with undisclosed elements that even industry insiders remain unaware of. Bobby Deol’s portrayal as a mute character is merely one aspect of the film’s enigmatic allure.