By Ninder Kaur


Anna Heer is the new voice to hit the Punjabi music scene.

Her debut song ‘Nishani Pyar Di’, produced by Popsy – the Music Machine, showcases the vocal powers of this huge talent that is about to elevate her right to the top of the musical pyramid.


Anna is a true Brit Asian, born and brought up in the Midlands but with an artistic conscious that is firmly rooted in Punjabi music and culture. She is classically voice-trained by the world renowned music teacher Ustaad Ajit Singh Mutlashi Ji, and has already won praise from her mentors for her dedication, maturity and a natural gift to rinse a tune.


Anna has a real love for music. She is the heir of Geet the Mega Band’s lead singer Atma Ahir. Her musical roots are firm and her influences are varied. She spent her youth filling her soul with the voices of Sangeeta, Jayshree, Shazia Manzoor; fulfilled her natural instincts for dance with the tunes of Jazzy B, Sukshinder Shinda and Master Saleem; whilst getting her cultural fix from the likes of Hans Raj Hans and Sardool Sikander.

Anna has already performed in front of large audiences and made her mark in the recording studio. Her new track coupled with a mesmerising music video is set to be a fan magnet that will naturally draw people to her as she very cleverly takes a permanent place in their hearts and minds.


Anna Heer’s ‘Nishani Pyar Di’ is out now!!