goodadvice.com__08438Now we can’t ALWAYS be at places and sometimes things come up which means we have to cancel at the last minute – we ARE only human at the end of the day; but personally, if people had paid £25 to come and see me, I would have tried harder to get there – maybe have a think tank or something that tells me I should set off a little bit earlier.

I’m guessing his advisors would have advised him to call and let the event organisers know he’s going to be late, or in this case, not show up – or maybe the phone networks were all jammed up as well because of all those immigrants using the masts and overloading the countries entire telecoms systems.

Nigel Farage told the BBC’s Sunday Politics show that his ‘no-show’ is nothing to do with professionalism but to do with the “open door policy” on Immigration that is “sending population through the roof”.

Yea, alrite Nigel.

So, not showing up to the event is “nothing to do with professionalism”; but blaming immigration for traffic of the M4 is professional?

Maybe the ‘Immigrant’ truck drivers delivering goods to warehouses across the country are to blame; I mean they must have been as they’re “taking all our jobs” eh.

I’ve never met anyone who applied to be a truck driver and didn’t get it because an “immigrant” got it; the reason I’m not a truck driver clogging up the M4 is because I’ve never applied to be one; but I guess Nigel would argue that that’s because there’s no vacancies left because all these immigrants who don’t speak English got there first –if someone who has an added barrier to employment can get the job you can’t; what’s that telling you?

Anyway, I can see how greater competition for employment can affect prospects; but to claim you didn’t show up to an event because the M4 is less navigable due to Immigration is a bit far-fetched.

Maybe it’s set a bit of a precedence– next time you’re late for work, you can tell your boss it’s because of Immigration and if they want you to turn up on time, instead of asking you to take responsibility, they should lobby their MP’s to reduce Immigration – see where that gets you.